saicoinkSaicoink has been around since 1997 and is the pen name of An Nguyen who makes illustrations, comics, books using binder clips & glue, collages.  She also edits and designs books.  In addition to regularly contributing to comic anthologies, she is currently working on the mini comic series Open Spaces and Closed Places which can be read for free on this site and copies may also be purchased online.

Themes in Saicoink’s work include starry-eyed innocence, youthful naivete and nervousness, an idealized past, shoujo imagination and dreams, seeped in a Taisho Roman and Showa Nostalgia aesthetic from the viewpoint of an outsider as a type of multi-cultural exchange.

Contributor to Electric Ant Zine, Arabesque zine, Prison for Bitches (Lady Gaga zine), and various anthologies for the Love Love Hill collective.

Contact at romanshoubu @ saicoink.com or use the message form.

Find Saicoink on… Tumblr and Twitter