Open Spaces and Closed Places 1+2

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Original comic. Colour cover with B&W insides. 72 pages, handbound with perfect binding in B6 size. This book collects the first two issues of OSCP originally released in 2008 in mini comics format. Contains some extra bonus comics and freetalk not found online.

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Sypnosis Open Spaces and Closed Places 1+2 collects the first two mini comics into a perfect bound book.  The story centers around Jirou, Boss of the delinquents at Central High School, who harbours an intense crush on nerdy Oscar, the student council president who always has his nose in a book.

Original cover for the OSCP1 mini comic released in August 2008.

Original cover for the OSCP2 mini comic released in October 2008.

Read the comic on Smackjeeves or on the website: Chapter 1 and Chapter 2.