Open Spaces and Closed Places 4

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Original comic. The fourth exciting issue in the series! 108 pages, handbound book with perfect binding in B6 size. Colour cover with B&W insides + one colour insert. Find out what happens next in Oscar and Jirou’s adventures. This extra thick issue contains chapters 4 and 5.

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The various cover variations for Open Spaces and Closed Places #4.  From the left, the first two covers were printed on Risograph.  This version is now out of print.  The remaining covers were printed on a digital colour printers and are the current in print version of OSCP4.  All covers were printed on French Paper. Which cover you will get is a surprise! Unfortunately we have sold out of the Risograph covers for now…

You can read parts of OSCP4 at Smackjeeves or on the website: Chapter 4 and Chapter 5.