29 October 2009


Just a quick note- I'm going to be exhibiting at Canzine this weekend on Sunday November 1st at the Gladstone Hotel from 1:00pm - 7:00pm. $5 gets you in the door and you get a copy of Broken Pencil magazine as well. I went last year and it is a really crowded event but lots of fun. I don't know a lot about the zine world so I really look forward to seeing what kinds of things people will have for sale. I actually have a lot more money this year so I hope to pick up lots of fun things since I have no minis for trading. ;A;

I will have copies of OSCP 1+2, OSCP3 with the new cover, Sunflower Club #1, and some mini prints. No new comics since I've been so busy with Arabesque which will also debut at Canzine as well. I handbound each and every book.

Arabesque is a really wonderful and varied book featuring contributions from around 16 different international contributors from all around the world (from Australia to Finland to Argentina!). I drew some illustrations and worked on the design and production of the zine. I'm so proud to have been a part of this wonderful project. Some highlights of the book include an article about pre-WWII Japanese girls magazines, fashion illustrations, an article about a famous cemetary in Buenos Aires with photos, photographs, and lots of other things.

To keep updated on Arabesque, please check out the blog we set up. In the future we will have posts from contributors to the zine featuring things that are related to the aesthetics side of the zine.

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26 September 2009

Arabesque Zine

Preorders for the otome (maiden) aesthetics zine Arabesque have started! I contributed a lot to this zine with the cover design, layout, and illustrations. There are lots of really interesting articles in it with fashion illustrations and photoshoots. There are even colour pages! We are being a little mysterious with the content right now but will probably reveal more as the book gets printed and assembled. :-) I am going to handle the handbinding for each copy. I hope that it does well so that we may produce another issue for summer 2010 that is even more gorgeous than this one. <3

We've been planning this since July last year and now I can't believe this is finally going to be a reality. It started out with some wishful thinking by my friend Rinna, and we decided to organize and get a zine done. For this zine we have 16 international contributors. :D

Please check it out. Thanks for your support! We will debut the book at Canzine in Toronto this November 1st.

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