21 August 2009

It has been a while hasn't it?

So much has happened in the past few months! I went to a lot of events over the summer including TCAF, MoCCA, and Otakon.  I am not sure if I will be going to SPX or APE or not but deep down in my heart I really wish I could go!  I already signed up for Canzine in Toronto which is happening this November 1st though. :D I hope to see some of you there! I should have a new zine and mini comic out by then. Please look for it!

I'm working on the pencils for OSCP4 now.  I'm 34 pages in!  About 1/3rd into the comic... Can you believe it? It was around this same time last year that I drew and finished the first issue of OSCP in two weeks. D:  My artwork has changed so much since then.  It is really embarrassing just to look at it and realize how bad my drawing was a year ago.  It is still really horrible (as in needs more improvement as always), and though I am happy for improvement it is kind of bad how there is no consistency between issues

From June 2008

From May 2009

I think it really helped me to keep my lines simpler and thicker.  I guess the art has gotten more stylized, and it has helped that I am more familiar with my characters as well.

Inking my pencils has really helped me improve as through the process I realize what is drawn poorly and what I can improve on.

The difference really is astounding!  And already my pencils are so much better as you can see from this page for OSCP4!

Anyway, I'm going to keep working hard.  Thank you everyone for your continued support! I'm going to try and update this blog more frequently as well. :D

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17 December 2008

2008/12/11 Birds and butterflies

Oh! It's already December. It's been such a long time since I've posted here. I just finished moving lately so my life is still very much in the air. I need to get things settled down and cleaned up. I've been rearranging my room and that feels nice because it is giving me a new start. Change is good from time to time.

Vivien and butterflies. I want to ink this later. Something about this makes it feel really sad...

Oscar without glasses has a kind of intensity in his eyes. I need to learn to draw birds better.

I like this sketch a lot for that same reason. I think it's a younger Oscar (at 13 instead of 18 like he is in the story).

It is kind of interesting to compare things that I drew earlier this year to my skills right now and realize how much I was able to improve in such a short period of time through sheer determination. Wow! I have to keep drawing.

Anyway, I finished a screenprint quite recently. This is probably the last one I will do for a long while since I don't have access to a studio anymore. :-( Life is sad. Hu hu hu hu *sad*

This is just a preview. You'll see the whole image sometime in the spring of 2009 or something. That seems like such a long time away! I already feel like I'm spoiling a lot by even mentioning this piece here!

I made three different colour versions- magenta, red, and black. Maybe the red is the most striking one but it is also the one I made the least of. *_*;

Now that we're nearing to the holidays I don't think I will have much time to post here for the rest of the year. Maybe I'll see you all (who ever is reading this- who reads this any more?!) in January. I have so much to do- and I really want to draw more for my comic...

BTW, some of my friends brought some copies of OSCP to Montreal's Expozine as well as The Royal Bison Craft's and Arts Fair in Edmonton last month. I don't know if anyone bought anything in Edmonton, but apparently one person picked up copies of OSCP 1&2 in Montreal and it was a guy. OMG WOW. THAT'S SO COOL. I don't know- I'm so happy just to make ONE SALE. *A* And I wasn't even there. Who was this person?! I wish that all the people I sold books to at events would email me to let me know what they think about it. *_*; That would totally make my day.

I need to work harder on the next issue. It will be so cool- and even longer than second issue since I will have more time to work on it. :D

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23 November 2008

2008/11/23 - Painting the Sky Red

I have lots of more important things to do- but I couldn't help myself from drawing this. I spent a lot of time today working on character sketches in pencil and I found myself inking and coloring this. It's kind of a bit psychedelic don't you think? The background and cloud like things are all composed from photographs that I've taken. Recently I've taken an interesting in photographing fabrics and using them in my artwork as background or to create effects. I guess it gives a kind of dimension to the flatness of my artwork.

I want to reink Jirou's uniform (the character on the right hand side)- maybe I will do it soon. I think I might use this image when I get around to redesigning the site- which I should do soon. Maybe I will try for something that is more of a simple design this time.

It's kind of strange to compare both the pencils with the colored illustration all inked! I think maybe for the facial expressions the pencils convey them better- especially Oscar seems even more devious in the original. Maybe I need to add more expression in his eye and close his mouth a bit more. Anyway, you can see download a larger version of this image on deviantart.

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03 October 2008

2008/06/17 - Over there, do you see it?

Whoa! It's been a while since I updated. September was quite a hectic time, and I suppose that October will be quite hectic as well. I have so much I need to do and so much that I want to do but I really don't have enough hours in the day or the energy to do everything.

Featuring characters from my comic, Peter and Vivien. Peter is a bit of a minor character and has a punkish style and attitude. I have a hard time drawing him. Vivien changes her looks all the time. I have trouble drawing her consistently.

Read more about this screenprint here. I just finished it yesterday. It is the cover for the third issue of comic project I'm working on. Second issue will release sometime at the end of October if things go my way! I have so much work to be doing let alone sit around twiddling my thumbs and drawings comics. :-(

Recently I went to New York City for work and that gave me more inspiration for creating comics and my work as well. I was able to meet some old friends and meet some new people as well (whom I need to contact!). In terms of people and art, things have been going well, BUT in terms of work, things could be a bit better, I suppose! I need to put more effort in it!!!

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12 August 2008

2008/06/30 - And it's all your fault

And you know it.

I don't know why but I made a Deviant art page out of boredom. It's kind of lame of me. I don't know. D: I'm still not used to the system so it feels kind of weird. Maybe there are probably one or two things that are new for some of you. Maybe not. I don't know who will even look at it. *_*;

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03 July 2008

2008/06/27 - Kickass Vivien

Somehow over the course of a few months Vivien has become much tougher.  She only looks like this when she's in a bad mood.  Most of the time she doesn't get enough sleep and acts stupidly and looks like she did in earlier sketches months ago.  She isn't very book smart and acts rashly, doing things that catch people off guard.

She lines her school jacket with some psychedelic coloured stripes.  It is the most awesome thing ever.  She tends to only tie the third or fourth button on her jacket since it's easier to move if she is very active.  Normally she would tie all the buttons and wear the jacket properly if she had enough sleep that day.  I still do not have enough practice drawing feet. orz

I really like this kind of cool Vivien.

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