21 August 2009

It has been a while hasn't it?

So much has happened in the past few months! I went to a lot of events over the summer including TCAF, MoCCA, and Otakon.  I am not sure if I will be going to SPX or APE or not but deep down in my heart I really wish I could go!  I already signed up for Canzine in Toronto which is happening this November 1st though. :D I hope to see some of you there! I should have a new zine and mini comic out by then. Please look for it!

I'm working on the pencils for OSCP4 now.  I'm 34 pages in!  About 1/3rd into the comic... Can you believe it? It was around this same time last year that I drew and finished the first issue of OSCP in two weeks. D:  My artwork has changed so much since then.  It is really embarrassing just to look at it and realize how bad my drawing was a year ago.  It is still really horrible (as in needs more improvement as always), and though I am happy for improvement it is kind of bad how there is no consistency between issues

From June 2008

From May 2009

I think it really helped me to keep my lines simpler and thicker.  I guess the art has gotten more stylized, and it has helped that I am more familiar with my characters as well.

Inking my pencils has really helped me improve as through the process I realize what is drawn poorly and what I can improve on.

The difference really is astounding!  And already my pencils are so much better as you can see from this page for OSCP4!

Anyway, I'm going to keep working hard.  Thank you everyone for your continued support! I'm going to try and update this blog more frequently as well. :D

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22 December 2008

2008/12/19 - Jirou and Winter Comics!

Jirou looking kind of scary. I wonder what is on his mind?

And I updated the website with winter comics for a comic anthology I participated in called "White Christmas".  The anthology is so awesome though.  You should check out each and every one of the artists who appear in the book. All of the stories are really excellant.  It was great fun being able to participate in this project.  Thanks to Colleen and Laura for pulling this book together!

36 pages long, featuring comics by Jordyn Bochon, Greg Denton, Jesse Jacobs, Laura Kenins, Jody Kramer, Chris Lockerbie, Colleen MacIsaac, Saicoink, and Leslie Supnet.

I have one or two extra copies left.  Let me know if you want a hard copy. Printed and bounded with love in Halifax.

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17 December 2008

2008/12/11 Birds and butterflies

Oh! It's already December. It's been such a long time since I've posted here. I just finished moving lately so my life is still very much in the air. I need to get things settled down and cleaned up. I've been rearranging my room and that feels nice because it is giving me a new start. Change is good from time to time.

Vivien and butterflies. I want to ink this later. Something about this makes it feel really sad...

Oscar without glasses has a kind of intensity in his eyes. I need to learn to draw birds better.

I like this sketch a lot for that same reason. I think it's a younger Oscar (at 13 instead of 18 like he is in the story).

It is kind of interesting to compare things that I drew earlier this year to my skills right now and realize how much I was able to improve in such a short period of time through sheer determination. Wow! I have to keep drawing.

Anyway, I finished a screenprint quite recently. This is probably the last one I will do for a long while since I don't have access to a studio anymore. :-( Life is sad. Hu hu hu hu *sad*

This is just a preview. You'll see the whole image sometime in the spring of 2009 or something. That seems like such a long time away! I already feel like I'm spoiling a lot by even mentioning this piece here!

I made three different colour versions- magenta, red, and black. Maybe the red is the most striking one but it is also the one I made the least of. *_*;

Now that we're nearing to the holidays I don't think I will have much time to post here for the rest of the year. Maybe I'll see you all (who ever is reading this- who reads this any more?!) in January. I have so much to do- and I really want to draw more for my comic...

BTW, some of my friends brought some copies of OSCP to Montreal's Expozine as well as The Royal Bison Craft's and Arts Fair in Edmonton last month. I don't know if anyone bought anything in Edmonton, but apparently one person picked up copies of OSCP 1&2 in Montreal and it was a guy. OMG WOW. THAT'S SO COOL. I don't know- I'm so happy just to make ONE SALE. *A* And I wasn't even there. Who was this person?! I wish that all the people I sold books to at events would email me to let me know what they think about it. *_*; That would totally make my day.

I need to work harder on the next issue. It will be so cool- and even longer than second issue since I will have more time to work on it. :D

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21 November 2008

2008/11- It's been a while!

I haven't posted in such a long time! Things have been hectic here as my schedule hardly affords me any breathing time or sleeping time. Canzine went without a hitch. It was a lot of fun to be hanging out with other artists and people interested in self-publishing and zines and mini comics. It's not the most ideal place for comics though there were some cool artists to attend the event. I'll be posting more about the books I bought sometime soon when I have the free time. Next time if I do attend Canzine again I'll be sure to book my own table.

Anyway, a big thank you for everyone who stopped by the table and to those who picked up copies of OSCP. I hope that you weren't so surprised with the content and that you were able to have some enjoyment from the books. D: I worry about this so much. *_*;

I just finished a six page comic for a Christmas-themed anthology my friends are putting together. I'll post more information on the project as I learn more. My story isn't all that hot since I am out of ideas and all that- but there are some excellent artists to join aboard the book so it should be worth your while. :-)

I have some exciting projects lined up for the coming months including an online version of OSCP and some illustration projects. Look out for it! I'll post news about it as things progress. In the mean time, I need to figure out how to survive what is remaining of this term in school.

Here is Oscar from one of the working sketches for the web comic. It is a prologue to issue one and takes place during Junior year when Jirou first meets Oscar:

After I complete that I will have to work on redrawing all of issue one. So many things to do... orz Who knows what the future will hold?!

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22 October 2008

2008/10/21 Canzine!

I will be attending Canzine this year in Toronto on October 26th, Sunday. It is a one day event. The 5$ entrance fee gets you a free copy of the magazine Broken Pencil and access to lots of cool zines, books, comics from independent presses as well as many interesting events.

I will be attending with Kim Hoang, Wai Khan Au, and Phil McAndrew. I think our table will be located under the name Bella Torta Press.

Open Spaces and Closed Places #2 is printed and ready for sale at Canzine. I guess you can say it will debut at Canzine.

The artwork this time is has improved a lot over the first issue. It's really amazing what I am able to accomplish in two months. I'm really excited to hear people's reaction to this. (But filled with shame and embarrassment at the same time for this and the first issue). orz

Things I will have for sale:
- OSCP #1 & #2
- Gilles & Sylvie mini comic (new!)
- Interchangeable Ogata Calendar
- two mini linocut prints
- two different kinds of postcards
- and buttons----

If you buy something from me I'll most likely give you a button for free- but only if you're nice to me. :-) I look forward to meeting people at the event. If you actually have read this blog, let me know. *A*;

On Saturday I'll put up more information on how you can order OSCP#2 over the Internets. I'm still busy preparing some extras for those of you who purchase a copy. :D

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12 October 2008

2008/10/12 - Not amused

I've been busy, not really wanting to talk to people or contact them or whatever because I've been working on the second issue of my comic. *A*;  Sorry about that.  Once I finish it for Canzine, I'm going to be able to move on with my life, read more and study more, and most importantly get in contact with people again. *A*;

Anyway, here is a panel from a page of the comic that I finished inking today.  It takes me so long to do inking- like it took me four hours just to ink and edit this one page (editting includes adding tones and blacks, etc.).  I have 10 pages left to ink and three more pages to pencil and ink as well.  I'm using a combination of digital inking and brush as well.  The brush is used for the more dynamic and weird stuff because it lends itself better to that.  Digital inking takes a really long time, but because I can't draw, it works well for what I'm doing.

The comic will be about 32 pages + about 6-8 pages of extra materials, depending on how things go with time.

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03 October 2008

2008/06/17 - Over there, do you see it?

Whoa! It's been a while since I updated. September was quite a hectic time, and I suppose that October will be quite hectic as well. I have so much I need to do and so much that I want to do but I really don't have enough hours in the day or the energy to do everything.

Featuring characters from my comic, Peter and Vivien. Peter is a bit of a minor character and has a punkish style and attitude. I have a hard time drawing him. Vivien changes her looks all the time. I have trouble drawing her consistently.

Read more about this screenprint here. I just finished it yesterday. It is the cover for the third issue of comic project I'm working on. Second issue will release sometime at the end of October if things go my way! I have so much work to be doing let alone sit around twiddling my thumbs and drawings comics. :-(

Recently I went to New York City for work and that gave me more inspiration for creating comics and my work as well. I was able to meet some old friends and meet some new people as well (whom I need to contact!). In terms of people and art, things have been going well, BUT in terms of work, things could be a bit better, I suppose! I need to put more effort in it!!!

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09 September 2008

2008/09/06 - Oh Too Bad

I wonder what Oscar said to Jirou that made him angry. LOL

I'm feeling so anxious. These two are the only thing helping me get through the day. I wonder if I should create a LJ again for sketches or whatnot. *_*; Should I?

Yesterday, I got in the mail this manga called 、Sakamichi no apollon by Kodama Yuki. I really like the artstyle. And I like the presentation. The story takes place in 1966, and the simple and solid linework reflect simpler times. Times when, as they say, the world was soft. It is a school story with some music-related elements like one of the main characters plays the piano and discovers jazz through another character. I wasn't expecting much. I only ordered the manga because of the character with glasses in gakuran that graced the front cover. This is my weakness I suppose. Second volume will come out in October. I think I want to get it when it comes out because I like the interaction between the main characters. One of them is banchou-like and he has a cool school hat just like I do. <3 I want to get some artbooks from the Pan-Exotica series too. Hopefully my order can go through. I have to buy so many books this month that my budget is getting rather out of control. *_*;

I feel disconnected from the people around me and melancholic and often tired. :-(

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05 September 2008

2008/08/17 - Oscar's Eyes

Hey guyz. I realized today while I was sketching after doing some intense reading that I have perfected Oscar's perverted smile and his knowing sideways glance. Not like the above but a bit better maybe. Anyway, the artwork for the next book is going to be so much better. First book is so embarrassing. But then again it always is.

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04 September 2008

2008/08/17 - Jirou baby

I bought paper used for markers and it is working out great for me. <3 But my brush pen is out of ink. Life is sad. ;_; When I was designing this character Jirou he was supposed to be even more insane. He is, kind of, maybe, but not as much as during the preliminary planning.

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03 September 2008

2008/04/13 - Alex and Flowers

We haven't seen Alex in a long while. I guess you can say Alex has an affinity with flowers and animals and other things in nature. He looks really happy here. I haven't drawn Alex very much recently.

Also I updated the website today! This update took me a really long time since I had to revamp a few things and learn some new things about CSS coding and such. I spent 5 hours trying to get the web form to work until I finally remembered that my webhost had a form to help me out with that. -_- What a waste of time! I seriously don't know how to go about working with CGI and PERL. I can't handle computer languages anymore. And to think I used to have a knack with these things. *sigh*

Anyway, I put up an order page (which gave me a whole lot of grief) so that people can easily order stuff if they wanted to. *A* Please buy something-- Uuuu.

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28 August 2008

2008/06/17 - Running Time

I'm going on a short hiatus as I'm moving and stuff.
Sometimes I feel like running running running away!


26 August 2008

2008/08/26 - Trashy Shoujo Manga

Click on the image for larger version. Have you ever read tacky 70s shoujo manga before? It is my bread and butter.

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25 August 2008

2008/05/28 - Why Hello There

From inside my Moleskine notebook while I was still in Japan.

Finished an illustration lately. I really want to screenprint this. It would be so awesome to work in these colors. This would work wonderfully as a zine cover or something about ghosts or mysterious things. I don't have time to set up a way to make screenprints at the moment though. School is starting up soon. I'm scared.


24 August 2008

2008/04/23 - Attack!

from April.

The tip of my brush pen has worn. I need to buy a new one now. :-(


20 August 2008

2008/08/17 - Eye Patch Girl

I used to draw kind of pure and naive girls but now recently all of the girls and women I draw seem kind of dangerous or have some kind of mental problem.  Maybe it's me.  

The pens I used for the black lines don't seem to handle Copic markers very well and they kind of run. :-/  These pens also fade out when you take an eraser to them after going over pencils.  This was one of the reasons why I switched over to nib pens and India ink for inking comics after a while.  But my hand shakes so unlike my friend who is a professional manga-ka, my lines aren't very smooth to the touch and are actually kind of rocky.  I think it's because I am unable to have the ink come out uniformly when I draw. orz


18 August 2008

2008 - Ogata Calendar

I finally completed the calendar featuring minor character Ogata from manga series Hikaru no Go. If you don't know who Ogata is I think you can still enjoy this calender if you have kind of suits and glasses moe or like interesting kimoi illustrations. The calendar goes up until the end of 2009 so you can use it for a long time! You can alternate between seven different illustrations.

It is a wall calendar that has been put together entirely by hand. I cut the illustrations, cardboard, and calendar portion by hand- so this is seriously a kind of DIY project.

Retailing for 5$US/CDN + 2$ shipping for US/CDN and 3$ for International. Drop me a message if you want one! I only have 18 calendars left! I also have three more copies of the Oh! Gotta Go doujinshi we created last year. All of the stories are very strong in of themselves. You don't need to know who Ogata is- we kind of created a kind of Ogata that isn't like the Ogata in the original manga and anime. It's totally awesome. Please check it out! These are probably the last three copies that you can actually purchase.

I will be creating a website for the calendar sometime soon. D: D: Hopefully in the next week but there is so much going on right now. :-(

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2008/08/15 - Happy Royal International Ogata Day!

For this year's International Ogata Day I was lucky enough to spend it with Kei. This is already the third year of Ogata Day that started on the day that I met Juu and Koyar to make some silly buttons. We made some Ogata themed stamps and HUR HUR HUR'ed about a variety of silly topics relating to Ogata and dragged two other clueless people into our celebrations. Here are the fruits of our labor!

By Kei. This was so wonderful! I wish I made a wonderful stamp like this. D:

Eyes and hearts and creepy Ogata in black by Kei. The wonderful cupcake stamp is by Melanie. And scary oh-so-wrong Ogata in red is made by yours truly.

I made Ogata and bird crazy stamp with a heart stamp as well. The sparkle stamp I created as well. And it is so awesome! Now I have so much fun making many wonderful sparkles all over the place.. :D

I created a rose stamp in the spirit of Ogata. :D

There was also pre-Ogata festivities with the whole group who were involved in working on the Oh! Gotta Go doujinshi from last year. I also worked on getting together the Ogata calendar. I'll post photos of that later in the day when I get home from biking and errands today. :D

In other news I stayed up late today and finished a page or two for an upcoming Reborn doujinshi called Ventiquattr'ore su Ventiquattro my dear friends are making. I am participating as a guest (that is if they use my pages!). Edit: AW MAN, I was looking at the website and the drawing previews and am starting to feel like my drawings and comics suck so much. D: I don't think I should be guest at alll--- ah--- This book will be so awesome, like seriously. D: *FREAKS OUT*

Today I went to the artstore and bought a bunch of supplies including a kind of paper used specifically for markers and inks! I used it to create the guest page(s) and made some other sketches for fun as well that I will post some other time. Nothing like new art supplies to make me feel like drawing again.

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12 August 2008

2008/06/30 - And it's all your fault

And you know it.

I don't know why but I made a Deviant art page out of boredom. It's kind of lame of me. I don't know. D: I'm still not used to the system so it feels kind of weird. Maybe there are probably one or two things that are new for some of you. Maybe not. I don't know who will even look at it. *_*;

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11 August 2008

2008/08/09 - Cards

Click for a larger image. Jirou looks like a Host here. The first time someone told me about Host (we were looking at a billboard in Shinjuku advertising the guys from this one club) I really couldn't wrap the concept around my head. It took me a long time to finally make the connection between Host is kind of like Hostess. Oscar's suit is shoulder pads. <3 I like his expression. When he gives you that look with that smile you know you're in trouble.

I finished the illustrations for the Ogata calender and got a guest illustration from glorious Juu as well. I'm so glad Juu joined in since her illustration is so sexy and it counters all of the kimoi-ness of my lame illustrations. D:

From Juu. Look at those eyes. I can't draw like this. ;_;

Snippet from the illustration I just finished today. D:

Going to work on the little things like free talk and laying out the calender tomorrow for printing on Wednesday or Thursday. Wish me luck!

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09 August 2008

2008/08/09 - Here's Jirou <3

And he's so dreamy~ LOL

"Pick a card honey, I've got several."

One of my favorite new characters along with Vivien and Oscar.

I used a brush pen to sketch these this time. I get overly excited though with this pen and can't really calm down to make any good details. (^^; It's a frenzy when I draw with these pen!

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06 August 2008

2008/05/05 - My Heart

I uploaded this earlier but didn't post it here.
Recently I don't have much to say.
Justine always smiles, but it is scary.

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03 August 2008

2008/05/07 - Here's my card.

Give me a call sometime.

It's been cool recently. What an odd August!

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31 July 2008

2008/07/31 - Chaos

Good lord, it's August already. Where has the time flown? I've been so busy these past few weeks and hardly getting any sleep at all. There is still so much to do before school starts. I'm kind of freaking out. I'm hoping that I can manage to read something like 4 to 5 books a week while trying to get some writing done as well. How will I ever manage?!


08 July 2008

2008/07/07 - Sketch Dump

There are days when I seriously feel like I can't draw at all and everything comes out all wrong. That was yesterday and maybe today. But drawing on the Wacom makes it easier to erase.

Here is sketch dump. I was practicing to draw more action things and feet and people with shoes. I want to draw a comic but I'm having serious issues laying it out. I have always had problems with layout. ;_; *cries* It's so discouraging. D:

I really like the expression of the guy on the right. He looks really scared. The person on the left is a jerk. He's so annoying. I created an annoying character. I hate drawing him.

Jirou gets bored easily. Again his hat is too high on his head. D:

Yeah kid! You try your best. Even if one of your front teeth was knocked out.

Jirou punches the annoying guy for me. I can't draw worth beans. Those are beans. Aren't they? I swear?!

I really like this little guy. Looks like he's waiting for something more interesting to happen.

Yeah. It's really hot. Today I went out on the street and felt, "Oh, this is a street" as if I saw a street for the first time. You know, with the houses on both sides and tress growing and cars parked around the place. A regular neighborhood street. Maybe it's because I never went to that neighborhood before.

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05 July 2008

2008/04/17 - No Regrets

"Make sure to live without no regrets. At least this is what I try to do."

Today I finally finished one of the illustrations for the Ogata calendar! Now I have three illustrations. About 4 more to go! Here is a preview of the illustration I recently finished coloring. The coloring took so long for this one for some reason. I worked on it for several days. D: And I fixed up the other illustrations I did by deciding to rely on the color-on-crack palette that I like to use. It's kind of heavy now, but it's awesome and pop. I'm actually very happy even though this calendar seems to feature a lot of red tones.

As you can see the calendar will be FABULOUS.
And that's fabulous in bold and italics and ALL CAPS.
I realized that Ogata has something in his mouth for
almost all of the sketches I made for
the calendar illustrations. (^^;;;

This Sunday when I have the time I'm going to sketch out the design of the calendar. It's not going to be a traditional calendar but something a bit more unique. This way I will save more money for the actual printing instead of having to worry about extra costs like binding and special calendar wire for hanging purposes. But I still wish I had a binding machine! Right now I am inking the next illustration to prepare for coloring. And there are many roses. I am having a grand time inking the leaves and petals.

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04 July 2008

2008/04/12 - For You & Happy Animal Friends

It feels like I drew this ages and ages ago.  Right now I can't work in markers any more since somehow I have become more scared of mistakes!  I wonder if Alex really is a devious one or not.  The person on the left makes me think of Saint Juste-sama from Oniisama-he.

And animal friends can be great, but at times they just don't know when to stop.  Ha ha, poor girl!!  But doesn't it look like fun?!  The koala seems to be having the most fun.  Wheee---  Well, either way, I don't feel like writing interesting descriptions any more.

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03 July 2008

2008/06/27 - Kickass Vivien

Somehow over the course of a few months Vivien has become much tougher.  She only looks like this when she's in a bad mood.  Most of the time she doesn't get enough sleep and acts stupidly and looks like she did in earlier sketches months ago.  She isn't very book smart and acts rashly, doing things that catch people off guard.

She lines her school jacket with some psychedelic coloured stripes.  It is the most awesome thing ever.  She tends to only tie the third or fourth button on her jacket since it's easier to move if she is very active.  Normally she would tie all the buttons and wear the jacket properly if she had enough sleep that day.  I still do not have enough practice drawing feet. orz

I really like this kind of cool Vivien.

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02 July 2008

2008/06/13 - Killer Bunny

Click on the image for the larger version.

The other day I had a dream about going to watch a movie about a killer bunny.  The bunny had really red eyes that glowed and it was chasing a boy and girl around the house.  A man came and calmed the bunny down in order to keep it from doing something even more terrible.  It bit the man on the leg, but somehow he ended up victorious.  It was a kind of scary movie though and felt very real.

Anyway, this picture resulted from that day after I had waken up from the dream.  I like to draw these sketches in which people interact with each other.  It is a lot of fun.  The person on the left is always in a really sour mood. ha ha ha.  Well, that is his fault.

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29 June 2008

2008/05/29 - All these people.

Drawn in my Moleskine sketchbook while I was travelling.  I really like the quality of the paper.  It brings out really wonderful things from my pencil and lets the pencil move freely, creating fine and exciting lines.

Click on the image for the larger size.

The person in the center is Oscar.  He appeared several years ago in 2005 and already then I had kind of decided what kind of person he is.  Vivien looks a little crazy, even more than Justine.  Mi is scared because of all these people surrounding it.  Help!  I haven't drawn this kind of sketch with people layered over on another in a long time.  I used to do this all the time several years ago when all I used to do was draw heads.

I have all of these characters but no story to tell.  Won't a story come to me soon?  Maybe all I can do is illustration.  I want to draw comics. *sniff*

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2008/05/05 - Justine

It's the  knife holding girl that you saw a few months ago!  I decided to make her into a character or something because she is so great. OMG.  Do you all remember her?  If you don't she'll slice you nice!

She likes sharp things, is always smiling with her hair in pig tails.

But she has sweet moments as well that are kind of really freaky at the same time.

WELL, I think that...

The main thing you should remember is that she is bat-shit insane.  Muwahahaha.

I realized that I have over 100 images that I plan to put up this sketch blog but I haven't gotten around to. D:  Err.. I should try to post every day or more in a day.  Then maybe by September I'll be able to finally get rid of all that backlog.  If I hadn't lost my data from the previous computer it probably would had been 200 images. hmm...

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27 June 2008

2008/04/23 - Over There!

I believe that I have yet to post this. I really like their reactions. I wonder what it is that is so surprising.

Over the past few days I've been drawing more in pencil and less in Copic markers like a few months ago. (^^; I can't believe I drew this is April and now it's already a few days away from June. orz

Been working on the Ogata calendar the past few days. I'm not sure if it's going to look good or not. I have no confidence in my skills. But now that I have the tablet I can just do the line art on computer so I won't have to draw my pencils so large. July/August and September/October illustrations are pretty fail. Finished the coloring recently and it seems like something is missing from both. I need to punch up the illustration somehow. Well, I think November/December and January/February should be exciting. I haven't done the concept pencils for the other months yet. *depressed* So much to do and I have other things to work on as well. ;A; Trying my best!! *~* uuu.

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26 June 2008

2008/06/24 - I'm so bored

There are some guys who sew really cool patterns on the backside of their school jackets as the lining. Sometimes they feature manly and oriental motifs like dragons and phoenixes. Maybe Jirou would have something like chrysanthemums. I haven't gotten around to designing that yet though. Viven would have something obscene like sweets print for her lining if she did that or maybe something psychedelic. XD; Jirou is always eating candy, lollipops or chewing gum.

And in other news, I was supposed to work on Ogata illustration today but I did something else. Here is the preview. Maybe I'll get a comic done sometime in the next year or so. eee...

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25 June 2008

2008/ Ogata Calender Preview

WORK in progress. NEED ADVICE!
This is probably the only preview that I will show since the other illustrations have to be a super-secret so that you can be super-surprised and embarrassed by them. XD;

But I'm only showing this here since I need your advice on how I should go about coloring this. Right now it looks kind of flat right? But is it okay like this? My art doesn't seem to lend itself very well to coloring maybe? I just don't have much experience in this. orz I made a preliminary pencil sketch and created another version with cleaner pencil lines then cleaned up the pencils on the computer and darkened them. Should I had inked by india ink like I usually do or go over the lines on the computer?

Click on the image for a larger version.

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20 June 2008

2008/06/19 Jirou Honey

Find me on Tegaki. This sketch journal will continue to feature pencil and marker sketches.

I am happy to get this tablet and now I can do things like Pictochat (but with whom and using what program??). But I think that coloring is still going to be a challenge. I honestly don't know how to go about it. ;_; I think I'm going to try drawing comics in pixel format like this image of Jirou (love) though....!! This tablet is so exciting! It came with Painter, but I still don't understand how to use it properly.

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2008/04/16 - Allow Me

Recently I am drawing more guys as well.

I have been a great fan of disco since I was very young. In the past few years I have been listening to more Italodisco and Club music. Today I wanted to introduce these two clips. One is Savage's Only You, a great Italodisco song. The theme played by the electronic keyboard is memorable. Next is a song from Ural 13 Diktators called Name of the Game that samples from Only You except they seem to speed up the beat. Ural 13 Diktators is a duo from Germany, I believe. I have their two albums and both contain excellent tracks. If there is request I will consider to put up one or two tracks from the albums since they seem to be out of print.

Savage - Only You

Ural 13 Diktators - Name of the Game

Please let me know your impressions!

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09 June 2008

2008/06/09 OGATA fever

I'm back-- and in one day I have made the preliminary sketches for the Ogata calender! I can't believe I'm ACTUALLY GOING TO MAKE IT OMG. *~*

I was reading Sabi's Death Note doujinshi and tried to draw for practice Ogata in the same pose as DDR Light in the book. It's so awesome! I can't draw dance moves at all. Sabi's works make me feel inferior. ;_;

This may be a part of the cover.

I don't think I will be using this in the calender, which is a pity since it's so awesome.

Yes, Ogata does play Go. I tend to forget that since I draw Ogata in so many weird situations not related to Go. That's when it's the most fun.

Yeah, these were generally the rejects. I assure you that Ogata will look more out there and gross and weird in the calender. It will be wonderful!!


Totally unrelated. :D

This is really notes for myself to keep my thoughts organized. I haven't printed something on my own in a really long time so I'm totally clueless on how I should go about getting this calender printed. It is going to be in full color (and I'm worried about how to get the bleeds done right). I'm going to have to do the coloring myself unless someone wants to help me out. *A* I need to get a tablet first (will do so next week) and figure out how to make a pop and cool calender with my limited CG skillz (currently at level 0.005).

I love Ogata but there is no way I have the creative energy to make 12 Ogatas so it's only a 6 Ogata calender with two months to one Ogata. You get: Ogata in love, Ogata snorkeling, Ogata in suits, Discogata, Bunny suits Ogata (if I can pull it off), and Christmas Ogata. The only way to describe this whole project is キモイor不気味or 'just plain weird.' If anyone wants to make a guest drawing or contribute something more so that we can have a full 12 illustration calender please let me know--- Also, also, if you want a copy, drop me a note so that I can decide how much to make. Maybe I will make print run of 30 copies. You don't even need to know who Ogata is. If you have megane or suits moe (or both) I think it might be worth your time? Yes? Yes? :D (I can't believe I'm writing about these kinds of things in my blog now. ;A; huu huu).

Err... how will I get this coloring done? *A* I have other things to do too- arggg-- But I'm kind of excited <3.

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15 May 2008

2008/05/05 - Ogatar

It's been a long time, Ogata! I was trying to draw someone else but it ended up being Ogata. Well, he is EVERYWHERE after all.

It's going to be Ogata Day in a few months. I wonder if I should be making or doing something. Maybe I can make a webpage to commemorate the wonderfulness that is Ogata day. Last year we said maybe we would make a calender, but I don't see that happening any time soon (unless I make the calender MY OWN LONESOME).


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07 May 2008

2008/04/23 A Trio

I like the movement of the girl in this one. It's a nice feeling.

That's right! It's really WOW!

Yeah, I don't know either. Crazy kids at it again.

I've been drawing up a storm again. Not getting any sleep and drawing things for the past few days. I realized that my drawings were kind of different but then realized that it was because I was using a harder kind of lead that I had bought from a Korean stationery shop. The Pental HB lead is easier to use for sketching. I drew 24 pages in a day. I don't know when I'll have the time to scan all of that. Well, I think that I should start to plan a story. This time I will try to use a story board instead of thinking things out in my head and taking rough notes.
Recently I've been thinking that I want to get a tablet for the computer. It would be nice and allow me to work with more gray tones and all color illustrations. Maybe I would be able to make a comic using the computer only (though nothing can replace the feeling of the line you can achieve from a good old nib pen and black Indian ink). Does anyone have any suggestions for which model I should get? Maybe I want to try to get a WACOM. Should I spend more than 200$ for my tablet? Hmm... I realized that I can't give up drawing so I know that I will get a lot of use out of it. Also I opened a Tegaki account and want to start drawing neat things there soon. The system there is difficult to draw with a mouse. It's not like the old oekaki systems that I had mastered years ago.


01 May 2008

2008/04/26 Border sketches

Sometimes when I am bored in class I draw in the borders of my papers or in my notebook. People who sit behind me always say how they like to see me draw. The more boring the class the more I draw (I am sorry to my professors and classmates). On days when I'm really tired I totally blank out and enter a dream world while pretending to listen. I'm sorry again.

Sketching in class is fun I guess, but I always feel like I can't draw what I REALLY WANT TO DRAW, because people are watching me. I can't draw what I want unless I am alone in the evening. That is the best time to draw! Best to draw is also when I have lots of work to do but I don't want to do it. It's when I'm the most creative. orz

Borgia in swimsuit. If I had more space I would of course draw more of it. Only Borgia would wear a hairbow out to the beach. Somehow it looks like there is some kind of materiality to this. Like you could hold her. Does this make any sense?

Our regular gang here. What is Viv holding?!

And OMG, I haven't drawn 70s style in so long. Years ago I drew a comic all in this kind of style. It was pretty messed up since I had to try so hard to draw that style for the long comic (about 25+ pages)? But... I used to draw in this way all the time. I think my art is kind of 70s and 80s huh?

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29 April 2008

2008/04/13 エロチックなヴィヴィ?

To make up for not updating all of last week here are a whole bunch of Viv centered drawings I had been meaning to show. I find that the later in the night that I draw her the weirder she gets. And the more I draw her the more weirder she gets as well. Maybe it is because the later it is the more desperate and tired I get? Or maybe it's because I am only drawing these things when I am working hard (at procrastinating). Anyway, because of this, her character has taken more shape. And it's weird.

This was one of the first drawings I drew at the beginning of the evening. See, this was how I had drawn Vivi before. It feels a bit energetic yes? I want to try to understand how to capture movement and weight in drawing a bit more. And I need to study how to draw weapons better.

I don't like this drawing too much. They both look weird here.

This was a bit at the start of the weirdness. There is something about this expression yes?

I love this so much! The way she looks is wonderful, and the combination of brown and pink is just awesome. I love to look at this over and over and over. She is not such a simple person. Because she stands out so much in this, I couldn't draw Alex so well. It was like I had made perfection already.

I love this as much as the image above. Wow wow wow. It's such a complicated face full of amusement and mischief. She knows something and is laughing hilarious to herself about it. Doesn't it feel a bit dangerous?

I need to learn how to draw poses better and shoes better. orz But this is really cute as well. What is she reading that is making her blush so much?!

I drew so many wonderful things on this day. I think I used 15 pages or more? After this my Copics started to run low of inks. But it was worth it!

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2008/04/23 Onions!

On this day I drew two sketches with onions!!!

I am not sure what this all means. It's so weird. I rarely draw people in bathing suits. And that is some onion. It must make a really good soup, or you can use to make some kind of wonderful vegetable dish. I like to eat onions.

And I again I tried to draw something a bit weird, but it ended up not the way I wanted so it an onion again. But it's better execution since I had drawn a guide in pink before hand. If someone looks at you like this, perhaps you would say, "Please, let me cook today instead." It's creepy isn't it? A bit creepy yes?

Anyway, I am still continuing my "trying to work hard and get things done so that I can get out of here and move on with my life" journey, but again I have trouble concentrating. I still have so many weird sketches to show here. In terms of composition and kinds of things, I don't think my drawings are very good. I can't make those kinds of illustrations that you see often on sites nowadays that are colored on computer and look so polished. And there are lot of mistakes. I guess as long as I can draw for myself, and I have a few people (like here) who can understand the things that I do that it will be okay.

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15 April 2008

2008/04/12 Farm Boy George & Oh Wellers & The Most Normal Person Here

It is nice to have a break from Alex & Vivien sometimes yes?

Farm Boy George is fantabulouso. :D I can't get over how great he looks. How is it possible I can draw just a thing? This is dedicated to Juu--. I'm sure FBG has a lot of animal friends too. XD;;

Yeah, this was a concept gone wrong since my drawing skills are moot. But I like the evil face! It was supposed to be an evil sketch, but I messed up on the proportion and stance so I added an onion for the silly factor. Yes.

And perhaps the most normal person here today. She looks like a dependable, reliable, all-around nice person with a strong personality.

Over the past few days I drew so much with these Copic Markers that Tep Ando helped me buy years and years ago. It was probably 6 years ago. I've had these markers for that long and I didn't use this very much since I didn't know how to. And now I finally used them more and more and some of them are starting to run out of ink- and I used them to draw these worthless things. ha ha.... I hope that Tep is doing well as I have not talked to him in 3 years.

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14 April 2008

2008/03/28 Falling & Attack

I really wanted to pursue something more action orientated this time if I were to create another comic so here was what I tried to draw. These are early sketches of Viv and Alex so their looks is a bit different. Somehow it's really 80s isn't it? Especially Vivien.

Even though Alex is falling, there really isn't a sense of urgency because he has nothing to fear I suppose. I need to learn how to draw shoes better.

I need to study more action-oriented drawings and comics in order to get a better sense of how people look when they hold a knife and sword and to understand how to give these items a sense of weight to them (even if my drawings are usually kind of super-flat). I wanted Vivien to be holding two swords or knife, but I didn't know how to draw that. The original sketch was flipped the other way, but I realized that she is perhaps right hand so I flipped the image.

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13 April 2008

2008/04/01 NO WAY!!!

April is already almost half over!
Oh no- wait, I must think... there is still half of April left RAWR.

I have no idea what kind of secret talk they are having, but I love Alex's facial expression.

I have been so busy with end of term stuff so I haven't taken the photos of the felt slice of cake that I made. I will after I finally get settled down with my work. I have three long papers to write-- OMG. How will I survive? *A*

I've been drawing a lot in order to keep my sanity- more Alex and Vivien and more using Copic markers--- awesomeness. I am trying to think of the story, but I also need to think about finishing my work as well. *SIGH*

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06 April 2008

2008/03/28 Why hello Sylvie!

It's been a while, but here they are again- the two fashionable twins. Gilles is wearing a T-shirt inspired by a MILKBOY t-shirt from this season. ... I really want it. D:

Alex likes Sylvie too, but don't we all? This scene can never happen in the story for various reasons. It's a secret why though!!

I made a slice of felt cake yesterday! Photos tomorrow-!

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04 April 2008

2008/03/28+30 Getting caught in the moment.

This is the first time I drew Alex and Vivien. I drew the girl with her hands in a weird way first- it came about from listening to some inspiring music and from it flowed more and more chaotic sketches. I spent several hours drawing and drawing more than just people's heads like I usually do (since I like to draw expressions and such). It was a really good feeling! BTW, I drew Vivien before for a comic called Finland Sardines I did years ago but I think I gave her a different name (but I can't remember what) and she was much kinder then. I don't know if you can consider it the same person but well... I suppose you can just say that she is taking a different role to perform this time.

Another early sketch of the pair. Alex is supposed to have a sword, but I don't know how to draw these well so I need to study more about it. I guess they are about the same height though Alex is a bit taller. He's expression is really playful. What has caught his eye I wonder?

And now this is probably how the character design will stay like for a while until I finally write the story and start drawing the comic. I haven't had a lot of time to draw since I have been working so hard but I try to draw Alex and Vivien once a day so that I do not lose touch with them. They are constantly evolving. Anyway, I really like this drawing.

Here I am embarking on a new project. I guess the end of the school year is really coming isn't it? Today I got some wonderful things in the mail and now I will start to make things from felt as well!

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02 April 2008

2008/03/30 Ribbons

Continuing the fun with Alex and Vivi- or maybe Viv sounds much more catchier... hmm.. It took me a really long time to come up with their names unlike Sylvie and Gilles which are references to things that I had known for a long time now.

Anyway, this is the person that Vivi likes. He is named Corbin. He is the type of guy whose favorite accessory is a scarf and who wears almost all black no matter what season it may be. He doesn't say much and lurks into the shadows and appears behind people with no warning, catching them off guard and giving them heart attacks (or shocks that feel similar to that). Perhaps he may be the most nicest person in this story. Who knows---

Alex: You know, if you want to catch the attention of a guy like that you should try and look cuter. Maybe you can try putting ribbons in your hair. I can do it for you~~~.
Vivi: Hmm, that doesn't sound like such a bad idea.

Vivi: Alright, just this once I'll let you do it.

Of course just like everything else Alex becomes like a maniac and gets carried away. ha ha... I was seriously laughing out loud, grinning from ear to ear as I drew this. What is Alex thinking here?! He's so weird! And why is he still laughing his head off even when Vivi is hitting him so hard? Actually, maybe I would keep laughing too. That is a lot of ribbons there. It's not normal. LOL Maybe only Alex found it attractive or he enjoys greatly to make fun of her to see her reaction. In some ways isn't this like Borgia?

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01 April 2008

2008/03/30 Alex and Vivien

I have been drawing up a storm the past few days- I am smitten with these two new characters. Yes, there is something about them- a wonderful story in the works, yes yes. I think that this will be my one comic for the year. Since I'm in this kind of mood I have trouble drawing anything else but these two characters I have just met. *~*

The main character is Vivien. She is often called Vivi by her friends. She is kind of moody and temperamental and can be very uncaring to what happens to others at times. Vivi is always needing more sleep than she can get.

And this person Alex is a very strange one indeed. I suppose you can say he is smitten with Vivien too and he follows all the time much to her chagrin. But! This is something that can not be helped. One will learn why in the story. Anyway, Vivien dislikes Alex. He is smiling all of the time no matter what it is that he is doing or feeling at the moment. I don't know if both of them can be said to be normal or not since it will be a strange(?) story...?

There are lots and lots of wonderful things I want to show featuring these two, but I'm going to spread them out over the next few days. I need to study more how to draw action-related things for this story. During the summer when working on this story I will re-look at Lone Wolf and Cub and read shonen action manga for inspiration.

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24 March 2008

2007/2008 お金が無くなったけど

Aren't there days when you think things are going okay, but then you realize that you have a big fat bill to take care of that you weren't aware of?! Like somehow all your money disappeared into nothingness?

Yeah, it's pretty depressing. But don't worry...
You will prevail!!

(Also I'm really sorry for the previous entry. All of those sketches WERE REALLY WEIRD WEREN'T THEY? I MEAN WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?!?! I think it was/is because I was weird that day/everyday.

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22 March 2008

2008/03/22 Teetering on bad taste

I drew these yesterday. And both of them are dancing on the line between 'okay' and 'bad.' And I spent so much time on them. Maybe it's the color combination. I think it's mostly because I can't draw. D:

I don't know what this is. Maybe it signifies something I'm not even aware of. I had a dream where I was able to control arrow like these. Why does he look so mischievous? He looks young and "innocent" but is not.

The color palette I used for this one is a bit ridiculous. Can you see that her mouth is open? I don't know how well this scanned.

I was glad that people seemed to like Berault so much. I hope I will have more time to make things with my hands. Making prints, sewing things... Maybe those things are better for me than drawing. The process of preparing the plate to print- the cutting of the fabric- They are really nice sensations and it gives me a great deal of satisfaction. I think in general, I like making things. I haven't had time to make things recently. Making things can give me a greater sense of accomplishment, a kind of sense of accomplishment that I feel I can never quite achieve no matter how many papers I write.

And I was just looking at these again and thinking, "It's true!!! They are so bad!!!" D:


19 February 2008

2008/01/27 - No Way

Recently I am having great difficulty concentrating on any important task at hand, choosing instead to wasting my time in front of the computer doing nothing of use and losing sleep. While listening to lectures if not taking notes I draw cute things obsessively as if to escape, even if it is only for a moment. This was from a journal, but those silly animals are the kinds of things that I might sketch.


18 February 2008

2008/02/04 Bang Bang

Reminds me of the 1960s song Bang Bang. My favorite version is the one sung by Dalida. Nancy Sinatra and Cher have sung this song as well. I love Dalida more than these two so her version wins out for me! (^^;

Reminds me that I really wish I had time and energy and resources to do screenprinting again. :-(


14 February 2008

2008/02/04 Stickman Party

Then I got more depressed and went on a drawing spree instead of getting work done (and having to suffer for this decision for the entire week in which I didn't get any more than two to three hours of sleep a day *A*). I decided I made a new character(s) called Stickman- a character who meets many misfortunes or is some what evil/mean somehow. Poor Stickman (I may change the name later). Maybe I will draw Stickman "comics" since they are so easy to draw.

1. Let's Be Adult

I think Mr. Stickman thinks "That's an ADULT?!" What will happen when Mr. Stickman becomes adult? Will he shrink until he disappears?

2. That's Cold

Those kids!!! *shakes fists* I wanted to put Stickman in more pain but my drawing skills are limited.

3. Just Kidding

Isn't the expression so evil?!

Yup... that's the way things goes I guess.
More tomorrow! or not-

"Huu- so sad"
This is Mr. Sad.

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13 February 2008

2008/02/04 MD CRASH

Things haven't been going that well for me the past few weeks, and they don't seem to be looking up very much. :-( The other day I accidentally broke my good ol' MD player that I've had for at least four, five years or more now. :-( So I drew a series of sketches in order to deal with it. I don't think it makes much sense now that I look at it. What was I thinking? Even this seems like a failure.

I've been feeling very negative lately. :-( I don't think if things will look up or not. They usually do but maybe not.


03 February 2008

2008/02/04 Party Party! Happy Lunar New Year!

It has been a long time hasn't it friends? There has been up and downs. Things in life that aren't very happy. Days of stressing and not really living.

But soon the new year will be here! I should be busy cleaning up the place so that I can welcome in the New Year- but I can't do it because there are other things that call for my attention.

Yes, he is not wearing any pants. But it's a party. So what?