12 April 2009

2009/02/16 and 03/08

Whoa- long time no see- I've been so busy with school and drawing comics that I forgot that I had a blog or a website to even update. D: Anyway, I just did a massive update on the website a few minutes ago. I finished inking the third issue of OSCP today except for three pages that I am dreading to ink because they are so boring. D: D: I am accepting preorders for the third issue. But it is kind of thick (about 75+ pages) and so the price has to go up. Which is kind of sucky. *A*; I'm so sorry that it is so expensive. (>_<; Who is going to buy this? OMG. >_<;

From 2009/2/16

From 2009/03/08

I've been trying my hand at brushwork but wasn't able to apply any of these skills for the comic I just finished since I can only draw monsters well with it. Also, my brushes are already starting to curve instead of having nice points like when I bought them. Maybe it is because of how I hold the brush...

(click on the image to see a larger size)
That duck in the corner saying "OH BOY OH BOY" gets me every time. I need to make a comic featuring this duck. If only a day lasted more than 24 hours, then I could get done all of the things that I want to do. orz

Oh yeah, some of my screenprints and some paintings are up at an exhibit at the RPS Collective in Oakland until April 25th. You can buy some prints and copies of OSCP#2 there as well. Photos from the reception and other info can be found here.

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