24 September 2009

2009/09/24 - Jirou

Yesterday I went out for lunch and didn't realize that the leaves were turning colour until that day. It was very beautiful. Autumn is already here upon us. Can you believe it? A year has passed since I decided to draw more comics.

A few days ago I finished the pencils for OSCP4. It is something like 95 pages. I wonder if how many pages I will have to throw away and whether what I have right now makes any sense at all or not. Comics take so long to do yet they are so easy to read quickly. What takes me several months to produce probably only takes an hour to read at most. How long will it take me to ink all this?! D:

I scanned in and started inking parts of the first page today. Here is a part of a panel. I'm kind of out of practice. Already I feel that the drawing is going to superior to OSCP3 in so many ways. I can't even look at OSCP3 without cringing or thinking about how I would draw a certain thing different. If I start a new comic project someday I want to try doing it in a different style.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Completelly unrelated to the post:
Oh Saicoink, you just saved me from an artistic breakdown. Keep being an inspiration to everybody ;_;

On-topic now, I'm curious as to the contents of the zine. Be sure to keep the news coming!

October 24, 2009 4:01 PM  
Blogger saicoink said...

Anonymous- Oh wow- thank you so much for your comment- like really. I can't imagine that someone would even find me that inspiring but it means a lot to read your comment. I hope that you keep drawing and making things. ;_; Hang in there!!!

October 29, 2009 7:15 PM  

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