05 March 2009


Recently I have been sick! So depressing! ;_; I wish I would stop feeling so nauseous and have migraine whenever I wake up in the morning!

I went to Toronto a couple of days ago- I checked in with The Beguiling and apparently they sold out of the books I left on consignment there. I can't believe it- was it really sold? Did someone really buy it? I'm really amazed to think that people would purchase it especially since it was shrinkwrapped too because I included so many extras in the second issue. I hope that the people who bought the books didn't feel disappointed afterwards. :-( I am always afraid of what people think when they buy the books without knowing what it is. *_* Maybe because the cover looked interesting? D: But I'm very happy though. I got some money, and I used it to buy a new brush and a tube of red gouache that I really needed. I take money I make from comics to buy supplies to make more comics. *A*; I don't think there is such a thing as making profit from mini comics- at least not for me. But I'm happy that there seems to be people reading my stuff. ;_; Thank you so much...!

Oscar and Jirou with their clothing switched. Maybe it fits them better.

ライチのアンソロの原稿を作って始めたけど、まだまだですね。ゼラを描くのはなぜか難しいです。うまく出来ない。(泣 来週には全部完成しなくちゃ… イラストは2枚を描く予定ですが、今日はファンサイトでゼラタミ中心小説を読んで、時間があったらギャグ・マンガも描きたいなと思い始めた。内容がまだ決められないが…


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