22 October 2008

2008/10/21 Canzine!

I will be attending Canzine this year in Toronto on October 26th, Sunday. It is a one day event. The 5$ entrance fee gets you a free copy of the magazine Broken Pencil and access to lots of cool zines, books, comics from independent presses as well as many interesting events.

I will be attending with Kim Hoang, Wai Khan Au, and Phil McAndrew. I think our table will be located under the name Bella Torta Press.

Open Spaces and Closed Places #2 is printed and ready for sale at Canzine. I guess you can say it will debut at Canzine.

The artwork this time is has improved a lot over the first issue. It's really amazing what I am able to accomplish in two months. I'm really excited to hear people's reaction to this. (But filled with shame and embarrassment at the same time for this and the first issue). orz

Things I will have for sale:
- OSCP #1 & #2
- Gilles & Sylvie mini comic (new!)
- Interchangeable Ogata Calendar
- two mini linocut prints
- two different kinds of postcards
- and buttons----

If you buy something from me I'll most likely give you a button for free- but only if you're nice to me. :-) I look forward to meeting people at the event. If you actually have read this blog, let me know. *A*;

On Saturday I'll put up more information on how you can order OSCP#2 over the Internets. I'm still busy preparing some extras for those of you who purchase a copy. :D

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12 October 2008

2008/10/12 - Not amused

I've been busy, not really wanting to talk to people or contact them or whatever because I've been working on the second issue of my comic. *A*;  Sorry about that.  Once I finish it for Canzine, I'm going to be able to move on with my life, read more and study more, and most importantly get in contact with people again. *A*;

Anyway, here is a panel from a page of the comic that I finished inking today.  It takes me so long to do inking- like it took me four hours just to ink and edit this one page (editting includes adding tones and blacks, etc.).  I have 10 pages left to ink and three more pages to pencil and ink as well.  I'm using a combination of digital inking and brush as well.  The brush is used for the more dynamic and weird stuff because it lends itself better to that.  Digital inking takes a really long time, but because I can't draw, it works well for what I'm doing.

The comic will be about 32 pages + about 6-8 pages of extra materials, depending on how things go with time.

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03 October 2008

2008/06/17 - Over there, do you see it?

Whoa! It's been a while since I updated. September was quite a hectic time, and I suppose that October will be quite hectic as well. I have so much I need to do and so much that I want to do but I really don't have enough hours in the day or the energy to do everything.

Featuring characters from my comic, Peter and Vivien. Peter is a bit of a minor character and has a punkish style and attitude. I have a hard time drawing him. Vivien changes her looks all the time. I have trouble drawing her consistently.

Read more about this screenprint here. I just finished it yesterday. It is the cover for the third issue of comic project I'm working on. Second issue will release sometime at the end of October if things go my way! I have so much work to be doing let alone sit around twiddling my thumbs and drawings comics. :-(

Recently I went to New York City for work and that gave me more inspiration for creating comics and my work as well. I was able to meet some old friends and meet some new people as well (whom I need to contact!). In terms of people and art, things have been going well, BUT in terms of work, things could be a bit better, I suppose! I need to put more effort in it!!!

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