28 August 2008

2008/06/17 - Running Time

I'm going on a short hiatus as I'm moving and stuff.
Sometimes I feel like running running running away!


26 August 2008

2008/08/26 - Trashy Shoujo Manga

Click on the image for larger version. Have you ever read tacky 70s shoujo manga before? It is my bread and butter.

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25 August 2008

2008/05/28 - Why Hello There

From inside my Moleskine notebook while I was still in Japan.

Finished an illustration lately. I really want to screenprint this. It would be so awesome to work in these colors. This would work wonderfully as a zine cover or something about ghosts or mysterious things. I don't have time to set up a way to make screenprints at the moment though. School is starting up soon. I'm scared.


24 August 2008

2008/04/23 - Attack!

from April.

The tip of my brush pen has worn. I need to buy a new one now. :-(


21 August 2008

2007 - Jane Marple

These two sketches were created with the clothing brand Jane Marple in mind for a tribute site I was creating. I lost most of the files when my computer crashed. If you look hard you can find the site that I had uploaded at saicoink.com though. I thought it was kind of over indulging so I never posted the link elsewhere. I highly doubt anyone really visits the main site anymore. Speaking of which I need to work on some updates and writings.

One of the themes of Jane Marple is the British monarch. Last year during the 2007 winter collection there was an entire gobelin jacquard with a royal motif with throne and scepter in the pattern as well as a more grown up collection that commemorated the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. This year there are some knits and socks featuring the Union Jack that are pretty sweet but I can't imagine getting away with wearing them in this country. D: That's too bad. In the past Jane Marple has also released cloth crown hats! I hope they release some again someday soon. I want to buy one even though it might be a bit impractical.

Jane Marple releases sailor motif items almost every year even the pieces aren't the main feature for that collection. I think I like sailor type clothes because of the clean lines (and I just like uniforms maybe? ^^;).

I finished the freetalk for the Reborn doujinshi. I'm really happy since I am using a brush pen for the inking and that's going really well. I want to try out more brush pens for fun. Working in black and white is a lot of fun. I can't think in color. My drawing and inking has improved a bit since my last project. *_*

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20 August 2008

2008/08/17 - Eye Patch Girl

I used to draw kind of pure and naive girls but now recently all of the girls and women I draw seem kind of dangerous or have some kind of mental problem.  Maybe it's me.  

The pens I used for the black lines don't seem to handle Copic markers very well and they kind of run. :-/  These pens also fade out when you take an eraser to them after going over pencils.  This was one of the reasons why I switched over to nib pens and India ink for inking comics after a while.  But my hand shakes so unlike my friend who is a professional manga-ka, my lines aren't very smooth to the touch and are actually kind of rocky.  I think it's because I am unable to have the ink come out uniformly when I draw. orz


18 August 2008

2008 - Ogata Calendar

I finally completed the calendar featuring minor character Ogata from manga series Hikaru no Go. If you don't know who Ogata is I think you can still enjoy this calender if you have kind of suits and glasses moe or like interesting kimoi illustrations. The calendar goes up until the end of 2009 so you can use it for a long time! You can alternate between seven different illustrations.

It is a wall calendar that has been put together entirely by hand. I cut the illustrations, cardboard, and calendar portion by hand- so this is seriously a kind of DIY project.

Retailing for 5$US/CDN + 2$ shipping for US/CDN and 3$ for International. Drop me a message if you want one! I only have 18 calendars left! I also have three more copies of the Oh! Gotta Go doujinshi we created last year. All of the stories are very strong in of themselves. You don't need to know who Ogata is- we kind of created a kind of Ogata that isn't like the Ogata in the original manga and anime. It's totally awesome. Please check it out! These are probably the last three copies that you can actually purchase.

I will be creating a website for the calendar sometime soon. D: D: Hopefully in the next week but there is so much going on right now. :-(

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2008/08/15 - Happy Royal International Ogata Day!

For this year's International Ogata Day I was lucky enough to spend it with Kei. This is already the third year of Ogata Day that started on the day that I met Juu and Koyar to make some silly buttons. We made some Ogata themed stamps and HUR HUR HUR'ed about a variety of silly topics relating to Ogata and dragged two other clueless people into our celebrations. Here are the fruits of our labor!

By Kei. This was so wonderful! I wish I made a wonderful stamp like this. D:

Eyes and hearts and creepy Ogata in black by Kei. The wonderful cupcake stamp is by Melanie. And scary oh-so-wrong Ogata in red is made by yours truly.

I made Ogata and bird crazy stamp with a heart stamp as well. The sparkle stamp I created as well. And it is so awesome! Now I have so much fun making many wonderful sparkles all over the place.. :D

I created a rose stamp in the spirit of Ogata. :D

There was also pre-Ogata festivities with the whole group who were involved in working on the Oh! Gotta Go doujinshi from last year. I also worked on getting together the Ogata calendar. I'll post photos of that later in the day when I get home from biking and errands today. :D

In other news I stayed up late today and finished a page or two for an upcoming Reborn doujinshi called Ventiquattr'ore su Ventiquattro my dear friends are making. I am participating as a guest (that is if they use my pages!). Edit: AW MAN, I was looking at the website and the drawing previews and am starting to feel like my drawings and comics suck so much. D: I don't think I should be guest at alll--- ah--- This book will be so awesome, like seriously. D: *FREAKS OUT*

Today I went to the artstore and bought a bunch of supplies including a kind of paper used specifically for markers and inks! I used it to create the guest page(s) and made some other sketches for fun as well that I will post some other time. Nothing like new art supplies to make me feel like drawing again.

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12 August 2008

2008/06/30 - And it's all your fault

And you know it.

I don't know why but I made a Deviant art page out of boredom. It's kind of lame of me. I don't know. D: I'm still not used to the system so it feels kind of weird. Maybe there are probably one or two things that are new for some of you. Maybe not. I don't know who will even look at it. *_*;

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11 August 2008

2008/08/09 - Cards

Click for a larger image. Jirou looks like a Host here. The first time someone told me about Host (we were looking at a billboard in Shinjuku advertising the guys from this one club) I really couldn't wrap the concept around my head. It took me a long time to finally make the connection between Host is kind of like Hostess. Oscar's suit is shoulder pads. <3 I like his expression. When he gives you that look with that smile you know you're in trouble.

I finished the illustrations for the Ogata calender and got a guest illustration from glorious Juu as well. I'm so glad Juu joined in since her illustration is so sexy and it counters all of the kimoi-ness of my lame illustrations. D:

From Juu. Look at those eyes. I can't draw like this. ;_;

Snippet from the illustration I just finished today. D:

Going to work on the little things like free talk and laying out the calender tomorrow for printing on Wednesday or Thursday. Wish me luck!

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09 August 2008

2008/08/09 - Here's Jirou <3

And he's so dreamy~ LOL

"Pick a card honey, I've got several."

One of my favorite new characters along with Vivien and Oscar.

I used a brush pen to sketch these this time. I get overly excited though with this pen and can't really calm down to make any good details. (^^; It's a frenzy when I draw with these pen!

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06 August 2008

2008/05/05 - My Heart

I uploaded this earlier but didn't post it here.
Recently I don't have much to say.
Justine always smiles, but it is scary.

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03 August 2008

2008/05/07 - Here's my card.

Give me a call sometime.

It's been cool recently. What an odd August!

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