31 July 2008

2008/07/31 - Chaos

Good lord, it's August already. Where has the time flown? I've been so busy these past few weeks and hardly getting any sleep at all. There is still so much to do before school starts. I'm kind of freaking out. I'm hoping that I can manage to read something like 4 to 5 books a week while trying to get some writing done as well. How will I ever manage?!


11 July 2008

2002 - Sarah Follows the Leader (2)

I have always really liked this panel. It is Sarah and Borgia climbing out of an abandoned building found on the school grounds. I never draw trees or backgrounds of buildings or anything so something like this was quite a feat for me. Even now looking at it makes me happy.

Now I don't draw the word bubbles right into the comic like I used to here. Now I draw the image and panel fully and add in the word bubbles only after I have finished inking and everything.

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08 July 2008

2008/07/07 - Sketch Dump

There are days when I seriously feel like I can't draw at all and everything comes out all wrong. That was yesterday and maybe today. But drawing on the Wacom makes it easier to erase.

Here is sketch dump. I was practicing to draw more action things and feet and people with shoes. I want to draw a comic but I'm having serious issues laying it out. I have always had problems with layout. ;_; *cries* It's so discouraging. D:

I really like the expression of the guy on the right. He looks really scared. The person on the left is a jerk. He's so annoying. I created an annoying character. I hate drawing him.

Jirou gets bored easily. Again his hat is too high on his head. D:

Yeah kid! You try your best. Even if one of your front teeth was knocked out.

Jirou punches the annoying guy for me. I can't draw worth beans. Those are beans. Aren't they? I swear?!

I really like this little guy. Looks like he's waiting for something more interesting to happen.

Yeah. It's really hot. Today I went out on the street and felt, "Oh, this is a street" as if I saw a street for the first time. You know, with the houses on both sides and tress growing and cars parked around the place. A regular neighborhood street. Maybe it's because I never went to that neighborhood before.

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05 July 2008

2008/04/17 - No Regrets

"Make sure to live without no regrets. At least this is what I try to do."

Today I finally finished one of the illustrations for the Ogata calendar! Now I have three illustrations. About 4 more to go! Here is a preview of the illustration I recently finished coloring. The coloring took so long for this one for some reason. I worked on it for several days. D: And I fixed up the other illustrations I did by deciding to rely on the color-on-crack palette that I like to use. It's kind of heavy now, but it's awesome and pop. I'm actually very happy even though this calendar seems to feature a lot of red tones.

As you can see the calendar will be FABULOUS.
And that's fabulous in bold and italics and ALL CAPS.
I realized that Ogata has something in his mouth for
almost all of the sketches I made for
the calendar illustrations. (^^;;;

This Sunday when I have the time I'm going to sketch out the design of the calendar. It's not going to be a traditional calendar but something a bit more unique. This way I will save more money for the actual printing instead of having to worry about extra costs like binding and special calendar wire for hanging purposes. But I still wish I had a binding machine! Right now I am inking the next illustration to prepare for coloring. And there are many roses. I am having a grand time inking the leaves and petals.

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04 July 2008

2008/04/12 - For You & Happy Animal Friends

It feels like I drew this ages and ages ago.  Right now I can't work in markers any more since somehow I have become more scared of mistakes!  I wonder if Alex really is a devious one or not.  The person on the left makes me think of Saint Juste-sama from Oniisama-he.

And animal friends can be great, but at times they just don't know when to stop.  Ha ha, poor girl!!  But doesn't it look like fun?!  The koala seems to be having the most fun.  Wheee---  Well, either way, I don't feel like writing interesting descriptions any more.

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03 July 2008

2008/06/27 - Kickass Vivien

Somehow over the course of a few months Vivien has become much tougher.  She only looks like this when she's in a bad mood.  Most of the time she doesn't get enough sleep and acts stupidly and looks like she did in earlier sketches months ago.  She isn't very book smart and acts rashly, doing things that catch people off guard.

She lines her school jacket with some psychedelic coloured stripes.  It is the most awesome thing ever.  She tends to only tie the third or fourth button on her jacket since it's easier to move if she is very active.  Normally she would tie all the buttons and wear the jacket properly if she had enough sleep that day.  I still do not have enough practice drawing feet. orz

I really like this kind of cool Vivien.

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02 July 2008

2008/06/13 - Killer Bunny

Click on the image for the larger version.

The other day I had a dream about going to watch a movie about a killer bunny.  The bunny had really red eyes that glowed and it was chasing a boy and girl around the house.  A man came and calmed the bunny down in order to keep it from doing something even more terrible.  It bit the man on the leg, but somehow he ended up victorious.  It was a kind of scary movie though and felt very real.

Anyway, this picture resulted from that day after I had waken up from the dream.  I like to draw these sketches in which people interact with each other.  It is a lot of fun.  The person on the left is always in a really sour mood. ha ha ha.  Well, that is his fault.

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