29 June 2008

2008/05/29 - All these people.

Drawn in my Moleskine sketchbook while I was travelling.  I really like the quality of the paper.  It brings out really wonderful things from my pencil and lets the pencil move freely, creating fine and exciting lines.

Click on the image for the larger size.

The person in the center is Oscar.  He appeared several years ago in 2005 and already then I had kind of decided what kind of person he is.  Vivien looks a little crazy, even more than Justine.  Mi is scared because of all these people surrounding it.  Help!  I haven't drawn this kind of sketch with people layered over on another in a long time.  I used to do this all the time several years ago when all I used to do was draw heads.

I have all of these characters but no story to tell.  Won't a story come to me soon?  Maybe all I can do is illustration.  I want to draw comics. *sniff*

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MILKBOY Spring/Summer Collection 2008

Do you guys remember Gilles?  He was wearing this cool t-shirt in a sketch a few months back, and I was finally able to buy the shirt!!! The label is MILKBOY, and though the clothes are for men, there are some clothes that are cut so that even a woman can wear them.  I don't ever talk about clothes on this blog and this is probably the last time unless one of my sketches features clothes that exist in the 3-D world but I really wanted to share this with you guys.

The shirt is see-through (like X-ray!!) so I have to wear something underneath.  It is really light fabric but the ink used to print the bones and heart is kind of thick.  It's an interesting combination.  The cut of the sleeves is also neat.  They don't sit at the actual shoulder.  A side of the shirt can be pulled up but I haven't figured out how to tie the ribbon yet so that it looks cool enough.  

Apparently MILKBOY used to worn by people like John Lennon and David Bowie back in the day.  Now the designs are kind of like cool club wear that is combined with hip-hop and punk influences, and the people who wear MILKBOY would probably like to go clubbing listen to things like Justice and other kinds of new dance and electronic music.  The T-shirt designs are always really tongue-in-cheek and very interesting.  Sometimes they take the same fabric or designs used for the MILK label that is targetted to young women and make different designs and styles cut for men.  Sometimes these clothes end being much cooler than whatever was released for MILK.


2008/05/05 - Justine

It's the  knife holding girl that you saw a few months ago!  I decided to make her into a character or something because she is so great. OMG.  Do you all remember her?  If you don't she'll slice you nice!

She likes sharp things, is always smiling with her hair in pig tails.

But she has sweet moments as well that are kind of really freaky at the same time.

WELL, I think that...

The main thing you should remember is that she is bat-shit insane.  Muwahahaha.

I realized that I have over 100 images that I plan to put up this sketch blog but I haven't gotten around to. D:  Err.. I should try to post every day or more in a day.  Then maybe by September I'll be able to finally get rid of all that backlog.  If I hadn't lost my data from the previous computer it probably would had been 200 images. hmm...

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27 June 2008

2008/04/23 - Over There!

I believe that I have yet to post this. I really like their reactions. I wonder what it is that is so surprising.

Over the past few days I've been drawing more in pencil and less in Copic markers like a few months ago. (^^; I can't believe I drew this is April and now it's already a few days away from June. orz

Been working on the Ogata calendar the past few days. I'm not sure if it's going to look good or not. I have no confidence in my skills. But now that I have the tablet I can just do the line art on computer so I won't have to draw my pencils so large. July/August and September/October illustrations are pretty fail. Finished the coloring recently and it seems like something is missing from both. I need to punch up the illustration somehow. Well, I think November/December and January/February should be exciting. I haven't done the concept pencils for the other months yet. *depressed* So much to do and I have other things to work on as well. ;A; Trying my best!! *~* uuu.

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26 June 2008

2008/06/24 - I'm so bored

There are some guys who sew really cool patterns on the backside of their school jackets as the lining. Sometimes they feature manly and oriental motifs like dragons and phoenixes. Maybe Jirou would have something like chrysanthemums. I haven't gotten around to designing that yet though. Viven would have something obscene like sweets print for her lining if she did that or maybe something psychedelic. XD; Jirou is always eating candy, lollipops or chewing gum.

And in other news, I was supposed to work on Ogata illustration today but I did something else. Here is the preview. Maybe I'll get a comic done sometime in the next year or so. eee...

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25 June 2008

2008/ Ogata Calender Preview

WORK in progress. NEED ADVICE!
This is probably the only preview that I will show since the other illustrations have to be a super-secret so that you can be super-surprised and embarrassed by them. XD;

But I'm only showing this here since I need your advice on how I should go about coloring this. Right now it looks kind of flat right? But is it okay like this? My art doesn't seem to lend itself very well to coloring maybe? I just don't have much experience in this. orz I made a preliminary pencil sketch and created another version with cleaner pencil lines then cleaned up the pencils on the computer and darkened them. Should I had inked by india ink like I usually do or go over the lines on the computer?

Click on the image for a larger version.

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20 June 2008

2008/06/19 Jirou Honey

Find me on Tegaki. This sketch journal will continue to feature pencil and marker sketches.

I am happy to get this tablet and now I can do things like Pictochat (but with whom and using what program??). But I think that coloring is still going to be a challenge. I honestly don't know how to go about it. ;_; I think I'm going to try drawing comics in pixel format like this image of Jirou (love) though....!! This tablet is so exciting! It came with Painter, but I still don't understand how to use it properly.

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2008/04/16 - Allow Me

Recently I am drawing more guys as well.

I have been a great fan of disco since I was very young. In the past few years I have been listening to more Italodisco and Club music. Today I wanted to introduce these two clips. One is Savage's Only You, a great Italodisco song. The theme played by the electronic keyboard is memorable. Next is a song from Ural 13 Diktators called Name of the Game that samples from Only You except they seem to speed up the beat. Ural 13 Diktators is a duo from Germany, I believe. I have their two albums and both contain excellent tracks. If there is request I will consider to put up one or two tracks from the albums since they seem to be out of print.

Savage - Only You

Ural 13 Diktators - Name of the Game

Please let me know your impressions!

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09 June 2008

2008/06/09 OGATA fever

I'm back-- and in one day I have made the preliminary sketches for the Ogata calender! I can't believe I'm ACTUALLY GOING TO MAKE IT OMG. *~*

I was reading Sabi's Death Note doujinshi and tried to draw for practice Ogata in the same pose as DDR Light in the book. It's so awesome! I can't draw dance moves at all. Sabi's works make me feel inferior. ;_;

This may be a part of the cover.

I don't think I will be using this in the calender, which is a pity since it's so awesome.

Yes, Ogata does play Go. I tend to forget that since I draw Ogata in so many weird situations not related to Go. That's when it's the most fun.

Yeah, these were generally the rejects. I assure you that Ogata will look more out there and gross and weird in the calender. It will be wonderful!!


Totally unrelated. :D

This is really notes for myself to keep my thoughts organized. I haven't printed something on my own in a really long time so I'm totally clueless on how I should go about getting this calender printed. It is going to be in full color (and I'm worried about how to get the bleeds done right). I'm going to have to do the coloring myself unless someone wants to help me out. *A* I need to get a tablet first (will do so next week) and figure out how to make a pop and cool calender with my limited CG skillz (currently at level 0.005).

I love Ogata but there is no way I have the creative energy to make 12 Ogatas so it's only a 6 Ogata calender with two months to one Ogata. You get: Ogata in love, Ogata snorkeling, Ogata in suits, Discogata, Bunny suits Ogata (if I can pull it off), and Christmas Ogata. The only way to describe this whole project is キモイor不気味or 'just plain weird.' If anyone wants to make a guest drawing or contribute something more so that we can have a full 12 illustration calender please let me know--- Also, also, if you want a copy, drop me a note so that I can decide how much to make. Maybe I will make print run of 30 copies. You don't even need to know who Ogata is. If you have megane or suits moe (or both) I think it might be worth your time? Yes? Yes? :D (I can't believe I'm writing about these kinds of things in my blog now. ;A; huu huu).

Err... how will I get this coloring done? *A* I have other things to do too- arggg-- But I'm kind of excited <3.

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