15 May 2008

2008/05/05 - Ogatar

It's been a long time, Ogata! I was trying to draw someone else but it ended up being Ogata. Well, he is EVERYWHERE after all.

It's going to be Ogata Day in a few months. I wonder if I should be making or doing something. Maybe I can make a webpage to commemorate the wonderfulness that is Ogata day. Last year we said maybe we would make a calender, but I don't see that happening any time soon (unless I make the calender MY OWN LONESOME).


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14 May 2008

2002 - Sarah Follows the Leader (1)

I have a lot more free time lately so I started to look at some of the old things that I drew. This panel here is from the comic I drew for the anthology Doujisoup back in the day. The title was "Sarah Follows the Leader," though now that I think about it the title doesn't make much sense when you read the story. Re-reading the story now, six years after I have written it is a rather strange feeling. It is as if I am looking back at myself from six years ago. Looking at the art I used to draw I feel that many things have changed and it makes me kind of sad. :-(

Anyway, I decided to take the time to scan some of my old comics and feature in this blog some of my favorite panels from these stories I drew. I don't have the computer files on hand with all of the editing so here you will get the images in their raw form.

To describe this image here... Borgia had accidentally knocked down a door to a closed off room, hence her position on the ground like this. I really like this kind of contrast between black and white. The comic I drew before this one in 2001 called Shashinshuu had a lot of play between bodies of black just like this. During this time I was drawing a lot of oekaki as well and was at my height of competence in this area (using the mouse- I did not own a tablet). I really like this. I don't think I could draw something like this today.

This comic and the ones I drew for Doujisoup had really haphazard panel layouts as I tried to be "creative" but only ended up putting too much information on to one page. This is a problem that I still face today with my comics- that I end up with crunched layouts and too many details that don't show up in the reproduction.

Today I found Lareine doujinshi I drew from the same period in 2001 and it is kind of embarrassing to look at since the line work is not that great. But there were some really good panels so I think I will try to scan these another day.

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13 May 2008

2008/04/23 - ESP series

I had a lot of fun drawing these.

Emily makes a comeback! And she's young again. I could never find that sketch I made of Emily all grown up. Just as well since it made me sad. Anyway, I really wanted to draw someone making hand motions like this and somehow I had managed. :D

I have a sweater vest just like this girl! She can do magic things with cards.

This one wasn't as good. I guess I was just running out of ideas.

07 May 2008

2008/04/23 A Trio

I like the movement of the girl in this one. It's a nice feeling.

That's right! It's really WOW!

Yeah, I don't know either. Crazy kids at it again.

I've been drawing up a storm again. Not getting any sleep and drawing things for the past few days. I realized that my drawings were kind of different but then realized that it was because I was using a harder kind of lead that I had bought from a Korean stationery shop. The Pental HB lead is easier to use for sketching. I drew 24 pages in a day. I don't know when I'll have the time to scan all of that. Well, I think that I should start to plan a story. This time I will try to use a story board instead of thinking things out in my head and taking rough notes.
Recently I've been thinking that I want to get a tablet for the computer. It would be nice and allow me to work with more gray tones and all color illustrations. Maybe I would be able to make a comic using the computer only (though nothing can replace the feeling of the line you can achieve from a good old nib pen and black Indian ink). Does anyone have any suggestions for which model I should get? Maybe I want to try to get a WACOM. Should I spend more than 200$ for my tablet? Hmm... I realized that I can't give up drawing so I know that I will get a lot of use out of it. Also I opened a Tegaki account and want to start drawing neat things there soon. The system there is difficult to draw with a mouse. It's not like the old oekaki systems that I had mastered years ago.


01 May 2008

2008/04/26 Border sketches

Sometimes when I am bored in class I draw in the borders of my papers or in my notebook. People who sit behind me always say how they like to see me draw. The more boring the class the more I draw (I am sorry to my professors and classmates). On days when I'm really tired I totally blank out and enter a dream world while pretending to listen. I'm sorry again.

Sketching in class is fun I guess, but I always feel like I can't draw what I REALLY WANT TO DRAW, because people are watching me. I can't draw what I want unless I am alone in the evening. That is the best time to draw! Best to draw is also when I have lots of work to do but I don't want to do it. It's when I'm the most creative. orz

Borgia in swimsuit. If I had more space I would of course draw more of it. Only Borgia would wear a hairbow out to the beach. Somehow it looks like there is some kind of materiality to this. Like you could hold her. Does this make any sense?

Our regular gang here. What is Viv holding?!

And OMG, I haven't drawn 70s style in so long. Years ago I drew a comic all in this kind of style. It was pretty messed up since I had to try so hard to draw that style for the long comic (about 25+ pages)? But... I used to draw in this way all the time. I think my art is kind of 70s and 80s huh?

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