29 April 2008

2008/04/13 エロチックなヴィヴィ?

To make up for not updating all of last week here are a whole bunch of Viv centered drawings I had been meaning to show. I find that the later in the night that I draw her the weirder she gets. And the more I draw her the more weirder she gets as well. Maybe it is because the later it is the more desperate and tired I get? Or maybe it's because I am only drawing these things when I am working hard (at procrastinating). Anyway, because of this, her character has taken more shape. And it's weird.

This was one of the first drawings I drew at the beginning of the evening. See, this was how I had drawn Vivi before. It feels a bit energetic yes? I want to try to understand how to capture movement and weight in drawing a bit more. And I need to study how to draw weapons better.

I don't like this drawing too much. They both look weird here.

This was a bit at the start of the weirdness. There is something about this expression yes?

I love this so much! The way she looks is wonderful, and the combination of brown and pink is just awesome. I love to look at this over and over and over. She is not such a simple person. Because she stands out so much in this, I couldn't draw Alex so well. It was like I had made perfection already.

I love this as much as the image above. Wow wow wow. It's such a complicated face full of amusement and mischief. She knows something and is laughing hilarious to herself about it. Doesn't it feel a bit dangerous?

I need to learn how to draw poses better and shoes better. orz But this is really cute as well. What is she reading that is making her blush so much?!

I drew so many wonderful things on this day. I think I used 15 pages or more? After this my Copics started to run low of inks. But it was worth it!

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2008/04/23 Onions!

On this day I drew two sketches with onions!!!

I am not sure what this all means. It's so weird. I rarely draw people in bathing suits. And that is some onion. It must make a really good soup, or you can use to make some kind of wonderful vegetable dish. I like to eat onions.

And I again I tried to draw something a bit weird, but it ended up not the way I wanted so it an onion again. But it's better execution since I had drawn a guide in pink before hand. If someone looks at you like this, perhaps you would say, "Please, let me cook today instead." It's creepy isn't it? A bit creepy yes?

Anyway, I am still continuing my "trying to work hard and get things done so that I can get out of here and move on with my life" journey, but again I have trouble concentrating. I still have so many weird sketches to show here. In terms of composition and kinds of things, I don't think my drawings are very good. I can't make those kinds of illustrations that you see often on sites nowadays that are colored on computer and look so polished. And there are lot of mistakes. I guess as long as I can draw for myself, and I have a few people (like here) who can understand the things that I do that it will be okay.

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15 April 2008

2008/04/12 Farm Boy George & Oh Wellers & The Most Normal Person Here

It is nice to have a break from Alex & Vivien sometimes yes?

Farm Boy George is fantabulouso. :D I can't get over how great he looks. How is it possible I can draw just a thing? This is dedicated to Juu--. I'm sure FBG has a lot of animal friends too. XD;;

Yeah, this was a concept gone wrong since my drawing skills are moot. But I like the evil face! It was supposed to be an evil sketch, but I messed up on the proportion and stance so I added an onion for the silly factor. Yes.

And perhaps the most normal person here today. She looks like a dependable, reliable, all-around nice person with a strong personality.

Over the past few days I drew so much with these Copic Markers that Tep Ando helped me buy years and years ago. It was probably 6 years ago. I've had these markers for that long and I didn't use this very much since I didn't know how to. And now I finally used them more and more and some of them are starting to run out of ink- and I used them to draw these worthless things. ha ha.... I hope that Tep is doing well as I have not talked to him in 3 years.

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14 April 2008

2008/03/28 Falling & Attack

I really wanted to pursue something more action orientated this time if I were to create another comic so here was what I tried to draw. These are early sketches of Viv and Alex so their looks is a bit different. Somehow it's really 80s isn't it? Especially Vivien.

Even though Alex is falling, there really isn't a sense of urgency because he has nothing to fear I suppose. I need to learn how to draw shoes better.

I need to study more action-oriented drawings and comics in order to get a better sense of how people look when they hold a knife and sword and to understand how to give these items a sense of weight to them (even if my drawings are usually kind of super-flat). I wanted Vivien to be holding two swords or knife, but I didn't know how to draw that. The original sketch was flipped the other way, but I realized that she is perhaps right hand so I flipped the image.

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13 April 2008

2008/04/01 NO WAY!!!

April is already almost half over!
Oh no- wait, I must think... there is still half of April left RAWR.

I have no idea what kind of secret talk they are having, but I love Alex's facial expression.

I have been so busy with end of term stuff so I haven't taken the photos of the felt slice of cake that I made. I will after I finally get settled down with my work. I have three long papers to write-- OMG. How will I survive? *A*

I've been drawing a lot in order to keep my sanity- more Alex and Vivien and more using Copic markers--- awesomeness. I am trying to think of the story, but I also need to think about finishing my work as well. *SIGH*

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06 April 2008

2008/03/28 Why hello Sylvie!

It's been a while, but here they are again- the two fashionable twins. Gilles is wearing a T-shirt inspired by a MILKBOY t-shirt from this season. ... I really want it. D:

Alex likes Sylvie too, but don't we all? This scene can never happen in the story for various reasons. It's a secret why though!!

I made a slice of felt cake yesterday! Photos tomorrow-!

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04 April 2008

2008/03/28+30 Getting caught in the moment.

This is the first time I drew Alex and Vivien. I drew the girl with her hands in a weird way first- it came about from listening to some inspiring music and from it flowed more and more chaotic sketches. I spent several hours drawing and drawing more than just people's heads like I usually do (since I like to draw expressions and such). It was a really good feeling! BTW, I drew Vivien before for a comic called Finland Sardines I did years ago but I think I gave her a different name (but I can't remember what) and she was much kinder then. I don't know if you can consider it the same person but well... I suppose you can just say that she is taking a different role to perform this time.

Another early sketch of the pair. Alex is supposed to have a sword, but I don't know how to draw these well so I need to study more about it. I guess they are about the same height though Alex is a bit taller. He's expression is really playful. What has caught his eye I wonder?

And now this is probably how the character design will stay like for a while until I finally write the story and start drawing the comic. I haven't had a lot of time to draw since I have been working so hard but I try to draw Alex and Vivien once a day so that I do not lose touch with them. They are constantly evolving. Anyway, I really like this drawing.

Here I am embarking on a new project. I guess the end of the school year is really coming isn't it? Today I got some wonderful things in the mail and now I will start to make things from felt as well!

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02 April 2008

2008/03/30 Ribbons

Continuing the fun with Alex and Vivi- or maybe Viv sounds much more catchier... hmm.. It took me a really long time to come up with their names unlike Sylvie and Gilles which are references to things that I had known for a long time now.

Anyway, this is the person that Vivi likes. He is named Corbin. He is the type of guy whose favorite accessory is a scarf and who wears almost all black no matter what season it may be. He doesn't say much and lurks into the shadows and appears behind people with no warning, catching them off guard and giving them heart attacks (or shocks that feel similar to that). Perhaps he may be the most nicest person in this story. Who knows---

Alex: You know, if you want to catch the attention of a guy like that you should try and look cuter. Maybe you can try putting ribbons in your hair. I can do it for you~~~.
Vivi: Hmm, that doesn't sound like such a bad idea.

Vivi: Alright, just this once I'll let you do it.

Of course just like everything else Alex becomes like a maniac and gets carried away. ha ha... I was seriously laughing out loud, grinning from ear to ear as I drew this. What is Alex thinking here?! He's so weird! And why is he still laughing his head off even when Vivi is hitting him so hard? Actually, maybe I would keep laughing too. That is a lot of ribbons there. It's not normal. LOL Maybe only Alex found it attractive or he enjoys greatly to make fun of her to see her reaction. In some ways isn't this like Borgia?

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01 April 2008

2008/03/30 Alex and Vivien

I have been drawing up a storm the past few days- I am smitten with these two new characters. Yes, there is something about them- a wonderful story in the works, yes yes. I think that this will be my one comic for the year. Since I'm in this kind of mood I have trouble drawing anything else but these two characters I have just met. *~*

The main character is Vivien. She is often called Vivi by her friends. She is kind of moody and temperamental and can be very uncaring to what happens to others at times. Vivi is always needing more sleep than she can get.

And this person Alex is a very strange one indeed. I suppose you can say he is smitten with Vivien too and he follows all the time much to her chagrin. But! This is something that can not be helped. One will learn why in the story. Anyway, Vivien dislikes Alex. He is smiling all of the time no matter what it is that he is doing or feeling at the moment. I don't know if both of them can be said to be normal or not since it will be a strange(?) story...?

There are lots and lots of wonderful things I want to show featuring these two, but I'm going to spread them out over the next few days. I need to study more how to draw action-related things for this story. During the summer when working on this story I will re-look at Lone Wolf and Cub and read shonen action manga for inspiration.

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