24 March 2008

2007/2008 お金が無くなったけど

Aren't there days when you think things are going okay, but then you realize that you have a big fat bill to take care of that you weren't aware of?! Like somehow all your money disappeared into nothingness?

Yeah, it's pretty depressing. But don't worry...
You will prevail!!

(Also I'm really sorry for the previous entry. All of those sketches WERE REALLY WEIRD WEREN'T THEY? I MEAN WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?!?! I think it was/is because I was weird that day/everyday.

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22 March 2008

2008/03/22 Teetering on bad taste

I drew these yesterday. And both of them are dancing on the line between 'okay' and 'bad.' And I spent so much time on them. Maybe it's the color combination. I think it's mostly because I can't draw. D:

I don't know what this is. Maybe it signifies something I'm not even aware of. I had a dream where I was able to control arrow like these. Why does he look so mischievous? He looks young and "innocent" but is not.

The color palette I used for this one is a bit ridiculous. Can you see that her mouth is open? I don't know how well this scanned.

I was glad that people seemed to like Berault so much. I hope I will have more time to make things with my hands. Making prints, sewing things... Maybe those things are better for me than drawing. The process of preparing the plate to print- the cutting of the fabric- They are really nice sensations and it gives me a great deal of satisfaction. I think in general, I like making things. I haven't had time to make things recently. Making things can give me a greater sense of accomplishment, a kind of sense of accomplishment that I feel I can never quite achieve no matter how many papers I write.

And I was just looking at these again and thinking, "It's true!!! They are so bad!!!" D:


09 March 2008

2008/02/25 Meet Berault!

I went away for a while! And I did some things and tried not to be so melancholy. I made a new friend. He lived in a kit for two years and then I finally had some free time, and he was born in a day.

Say hello to Berault, a happy penguin with the red scarf. I don't know what happened to the red scarf now. Since it has been living inside Berault has found that it is sufficient to go without. This kind of fabric is kind of delicate though so it is difficult to handle Berault forcefully or often. The fabric has a natural feeling to it.

Unlike most penguins, Berault, being quite small, does enjoy spending time in trees.

But, hullo, what's this?

Who could resist a patch of untouched snow?

I want to make more friends. I need to buy eyes for them first. Things will be busier from here on out. I have no time for anyone else. Sorry everyone. :-(