19 February 2008

2008/01/27 - No Way

Recently I am having great difficulty concentrating on any important task at hand, choosing instead to wasting my time in front of the computer doing nothing of use and losing sleep. While listening to lectures if not taking notes I draw cute things obsessively as if to escape, even if it is only for a moment. This was from a journal, but those silly animals are the kinds of things that I might sketch.


18 February 2008

2008/02/04 Bang Bang

Reminds me of the 1960s song Bang Bang. My favorite version is the one sung by Dalida. Nancy Sinatra and Cher have sung this song as well. I love Dalida more than these two so her version wins out for me! (^^;

Reminds me that I really wish I had time and energy and resources to do screenprinting again. :-(


15 February 2008

2007/10 Us three

When I think about my computer that crashed it reminds me of the sketches that I had scanned and had not put up on this blog yet and I feel a great sense of loss for the photos and all the images I was working on. :-( Borgia says, "Don't worry."

And I think Emily grew up somehow without my knowing it. When did that happen? I'll post the photo here someday when I get to scanning it. I knew she was getting too smart for her own good. Then she had to go and grow up on me! ha ha. One's characters have a tendency to do that!

When drawing sketches I like to layer faces next to each other as if a transition from different moods and expressions in a small frame of time. Thinking that by placing two faces too close to each other makes it seems like there is some kind of relation between them so I always balance out with three or four more faces, sometimes profiles, but most of the time these added faces don't look that great. I think Borgia is better than most in these exercises. I drew this on a slip of paper with random math-related scribbles.

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14 February 2008

2008/02/04 Stickman Party

Then I got more depressed and went on a drawing spree instead of getting work done (and having to suffer for this decision for the entire week in which I didn't get any more than two to three hours of sleep a day *A*). I decided I made a new character(s) called Stickman- a character who meets many misfortunes or is some what evil/mean somehow. Poor Stickman (I may change the name later). Maybe I will draw Stickman "comics" since they are so easy to draw.

1. Let's Be Adult

I think Mr. Stickman thinks "That's an ADULT?!" What will happen when Mr. Stickman becomes adult? Will he shrink until he disappears?

2. That's Cold

Those kids!!! *shakes fists* I wanted to put Stickman in more pain but my drawing skills are limited.

3. Just Kidding

Isn't the expression so evil?!

Yup... that's the way things goes I guess.
More tomorrow! or not-

"Huu- so sad"
This is Mr. Sad.

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13 February 2008

2008/02/04 MD CRASH

Things haven't been going that well for me the past few weeks, and they don't seem to be looking up very much. :-( The other day I accidentally broke my good ol' MD player that I've had for at least four, five years or more now. :-( So I drew a series of sketches in order to deal with it. I don't think it makes much sense now that I look at it. What was I thinking? Even this seems like a failure.

I've been feeling very negative lately. :-( I don't think if things will look up or not. They usually do but maybe not.


03 February 2008

2008/02/04 Party Party! Happy Lunar New Year!

It has been a long time hasn't it friends? There has been up and downs. Things in life that aren't very happy. Days of stressing and not really living.

But soon the new year will be here! I should be busy cleaning up the place so that I can welcome in the New Year- but I can't do it because there are other things that call for my attention.

Yes, he is not wearing any pants. But it's a party. So what?