17 December 2008

2008/12/11 Birds and butterflies

Oh! It's already December. It's been such a long time since I've posted here. I just finished moving lately so my life is still very much in the air. I need to get things settled down and cleaned up. I've been rearranging my room and that feels nice because it is giving me a new start. Change is good from time to time.

Vivien and butterflies. I want to ink this later. Something about this makes it feel really sad...

Oscar without glasses has a kind of intensity in his eyes. I need to learn to draw birds better.

I like this sketch a lot for that same reason. I think it's a younger Oscar (at 13 instead of 18 like he is in the story).

It is kind of interesting to compare things that I drew earlier this year to my skills right now and realize how much I was able to improve in such a short period of time through sheer determination. Wow! I have to keep drawing.

Anyway, I finished a screenprint quite recently. This is probably the last one I will do for a long while since I don't have access to a studio anymore. :-( Life is sad. Hu hu hu hu *sad*

This is just a preview. You'll see the whole image sometime in the spring of 2009 or something. That seems like such a long time away! I already feel like I'm spoiling a lot by even mentioning this piece here!

I made three different colour versions- magenta, red, and black. Maybe the red is the most striking one but it is also the one I made the least of. *_*;

Now that we're nearing to the holidays I don't think I will have much time to post here for the rest of the year. Maybe I'll see you all (who ever is reading this- who reads this any more?!) in January. I have so much to do- and I really want to draw more for my comic...

BTW, some of my friends brought some copies of OSCP to Montreal's Expozine as well as The Royal Bison Craft's and Arts Fair in Edmonton last month. I don't know if anyone bought anything in Edmonton, but apparently one person picked up copies of OSCP 1&2 in Montreal and it was a guy. OMG WOW. THAT'S SO COOL. I don't know- I'm so happy just to make ONE SALE. *A* And I wasn't even there. Who was this person?! I wish that all the people I sold books to at events would email me to let me know what they think about it. *_*; That would totally make my day.

I need to work harder on the next issue. It will be so cool- and even longer than second issue since I will have more time to work on it. :D

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Blogger hilary florido said...

Uh oh. You moved? I just sent something to what I think is your old address... Hopefully it will find its way to you?!

January 9, 2009 1:21 PM  

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