09 September 2008

2008/09/06 - Oh Too Bad

I wonder what Oscar said to Jirou that made him angry. LOL

I'm feeling so anxious. These two are the only thing helping me get through the day. I wonder if I should create a LJ again for sketches or whatnot. *_*; Should I?

Yesterday, I got in the mail this manga called 、Sakamichi no apollon by Kodama Yuki. I really like the artstyle. And I like the presentation. The story takes place in 1966, and the simple and solid linework reflect simpler times. Times when, as they say, the world was soft. It is a school story with some music-related elements like one of the main characters plays the piano and discovers jazz through another character. I wasn't expecting much. I only ordered the manga because of the character with glasses in gakuran that graced the front cover. This is my weakness I suppose. Second volume will come out in October. I think I want to get it when it comes out because I like the interaction between the main characters. One of them is banchou-like and he has a cool school hat just like I do. <3 I want to get some artbooks from the Pan-Exotica series too. Hopefully my order can go through. I have to buy so many books this month that my budget is getting rather out of control. *_*;

I feel disconnected from the people around me and melancholic and often tired. :-(

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OpenID koyar said...

I think I would have gotten that manga too if I saw it 8D MEGANE AND GAKURAN!

LJs are nice :D

September 10, 2008 3:13 PM  

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