26 November 2007

2007/11/18 Who knows?! D:

I don't have a title for this one. I'm not even sure what this is about? The woman puts the seeds in and the guy harvests the flower? I don't know? I think I want to ink this and color this and make a collage or something. Can someone tell me what this is about? Really? Because I don't know.

I need to get started on marking cards this year! I'm all out of ideas though. ;_; And I'm really tired and have no more money.


19 November 2007

2007/11/18 Amano Tonbimaru

This is Amano Tonbimaru, vocalist, guitarist, and I guess leader of the Angura-kei band, Guruguru Eigakan. The band typically wears Showa era schoolboy uniforms and put on white makeup covering their face (like Kabuki actors). It accentuates their facial expressions on stage and gives a nostalgic feel to their concert performances which are a combination of a stage play and a rock concert. I like drawing Amano a lot- but this is the first drawing I've done of him is probably two or three years. You'll see more of him sometime soon! Check out the Guruguru Eigakan official page for more information about the band.

I got tagged with a meme the other day by Ren. Since I'm posting a sketch of Guruguru Eigakan leader Amano anyhow I decided to repost this here. I created a package of song files as well (missing tracks 3 and 7 since I don't have the CD with me) so that people can actually understand what it is that I am referring to. Get it here.

1. Sora wo tobitagatta kodomo (1:2)
2. Ame de tobitatsu otoko to onna (Omnibus)
3. Boy kobayashi no nayami -miraiha tanteidan (taiheihen)- (3:4)
4. Itsuka mita ano asayake ni (2:2)
5. Akai hana sora no ao (5:2)
6. Nichiyoubi no asa (5:3)
7. Bonjin no susume (3:1)
8. Haru no shirosa ni boku, maketa. (1:5)
9. Toutou to (5:4)
10. Soboku na gimon (4:2)
11. Fuan, kita (2:3) There's no room for Fuan, kita? ;_;

Two Guruguru Eigakan flyers from the several that I own. They are visually very interesting. They have other excellent flyers. Many of them were designed by Adachi Ayame.

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18 November 2007

2007/11/18 Headshots

I don't know if these pictures makes any sense to anyone, but I was listening to Cali+Gari yesterday, and I managed to get a lot of sketches out. By the time I was drawing these two sketches I was trying to try out some new style of drawing (yet it ends up being the same anyway).

Imagine a big forceful wind lifting this person's hair up. Whoa, like, no way!

And here is a punkish guy. Is he the "real" thing? Is he one of those preppy punk kids from the suburbs following his idols' dress to the T? Or is this one of those guys who just read too much Nana?! You decide!!! He is wearing a "No Future" sash or whatever. I like drawing vague clothing.

More amazing stuff tomorrow! Or if not tomorrow some other time. Who knows!?


17 November 2007

2007/09/03 - Feeling Fabulous!

You would think that it's easy to make updates, especially when I have most of the images already scanned in ready to go, but recently I haven't been feeling well, and that has gotten me down and not feeling up beat enough to make any updates of any kind.

Anyway, this is the last of the Copic series. When someone feels fabulous they twinkle and sparkle! I think it's because of Ogata doujinshi and Juu that I'm now a sparkle-drawing freak. ;A;


10 November 2007

2007/09/03 - Space Operator Timmons

Another from the Copic frenzied sketch series! There is one more, and it will conclude it all. Dear Marie is held hostage from Space Operator Timmons who is at his last thread- however, poor Marie has lost her will to live a long time ago. Maybe this will create something new and exciting in her life. Timmons is really a sweet heart after all who is just having a bad day. It doesn't always work out this way of course, but think of all the wonderful adventures they would have once he takes Marie away to far off and wonderful planets.


07 November 2007

2007/09/03 - Delicious

Girl who has just had a delicious meal at an upscale restaurant. I wonder what she might had eaten? As of this moment, I can't imagine what an upscale restaurant may serve as I am so tired. I think I forgot to update on Tuesday because I was so tired.


05 November 2007

2007/09/03 Angel Darling

Part of a batch of sketches I did using a Copic marker in one of my journals. I hadn't been drawing in a really long time, so I tried to sketch this and that in order to warm up. I drew some really bad stuff and then hit my stride with a bunch of not so boring sketches. Here is the first one out of four(?). They were all really frenzied sketches in which I drew whatever came to mind in a minute or two. Most of my sketches are like that. The girl with wings is just wearing them- at least that was what I thought when I drew this. She is fixing her tie.


03 November 2007

2007/10/20 Boy and Mi

To show that I can actually draw full body if I want to. I want to try new ways of drawing my characters by experimenting with the shapes. Maybe this is an example of this? I like the boy's shoes. It looks like he has to work picking up paper. Mi! Don't distract him now! This is one of my favorite sketches in a really long time.

Today I spent some time writing letters and scanning sketches (so we have enough sketches for almost daily updates for this week! - if I can find the time to update that is). Recently school has become a black hole, sucking all of my time away. Life is sad. I want to draw and create more!! So- this is why I haven't been updating recently! I am so tired everyday. Thanks to all two of you who are reading this blog.