21 October 2007

2007 Fantasia (rough draft)

This was a quick linocut I did one evening for the Jane Marple thanks good contest.  I don't care to get the cards or not, I just did something for the sake of doing something.  I shipped it out the next day and wrote an embarassing fangirly letter to Murano Megumi, head designer of Jane Marple.  It's one of those orz moments that you don't want to think about.  Anyway, the linocut I sent had gold colored ink highlights on it as well to make it seem more mysterious.  This is just the rough draft I'm showing you here.  I need to ink each of the other prints in the series.  This is a short print run.  Only 6.  I need to destroy the plate sometime later this week.

I don't think I depicted the theme of fantasia very well since I was so tired with school. Fantasia is supposed to be like the romantic feeling of travelling to a different country and fantastical place.  I think I will look at the idea of fantasia in some other work.  

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20 October 2007

Greetings my darlings.

I'm sorry that it took so so long to update something on this sketch blog again.  I'm not sure if anyone really even cares to check out the blog again. (._.  Anyway, I went on a really long trip, then when I came back my computer crashed completely.  I'm really still mourning over the event and all the data lost (including all the sketch files that I had scanned in advance).  I haven't bought a new computer yet but am using a borrowed laptop.  I'm being lazy about buying a new computer.  I'm wondering if I should just get one with Windows Vista on it? :-(

I moved as well and am really busy with school, so I don't have a lot of time for sketching.  I did, however, take a lot of photos, so maybe I will start a Flickr account or something and upload the files here on this blog as well.  I'm going to try and update more often from now on.

Recently went to the art store and spent too much on art supplies.  A linocut resulted as well as the sketches below.  The linocut I will show tomorrow.

from 2007/10/15

from 2007/10/16

from 2007/10/19

I keep drawing heads.  I don't know why...
Someone comment and let me know that you're still reading this!!! *A*