14 June 2007

2005? Karl and Vasek

I started this comic several years ago about two brothers named Vasek and Karel inspired by the works of Czech brothers Karel (writer) and Josef (artist) Capek.  I drew the comic in a whimsical style borrowing some elements from Josef Capek. The story was based on a dream I had about a magical princess who could change her shape.  Well, I shan't say more lest I ruin the story!  Actually, I have only finished four pages and am at a stand still.  But I am quite found of this little story and the pages I have inked and lettered so when I find the time I will try to finish the rest and try to make my first comic book in three or four years (?I'm not really keeping count) after I redraw and revise the pacing in 'Finland Sardines'.  The book will be comics that children can read.

The challenge thus far has been trying to keep the story interesting, but after a period of some odd years, I would like to believe that my drawing skills have improved so perhaps it will not be as diffiult as it was several years ago to finish the story.  I hope to pick this up someday soon since I believe wholeheartedly that it can be something beautiful once I complete it.

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13 June 2007

2005/10/16 Butterflies of the Night

My favorite part of this sketch is the guy making that girl drink a can of some liquid.  Is it soda?  It is juice?  Is it medicine? It is hard liquor?! LOL  Can you guess why this is called butterflies of the night?

I've been so tired recently that when I wake up I have to take a nap after breakfast. D:

Anyway, I realized that my last entry wasn't so clear.
The Ogata book will come out sometime this August!  I'm so excited about it!  I need to prepare a few more materials for the book, but I haven't found the time or the energy to do so.  There's so much to do. >_<;  It looks like there will be five people or more working on the book, so I think that it will be something very wonderful and awesome!  Please look for it when it comes out! ^o^

Also, I realized that I wasn't so clear on how I work.  Usually what happens is I try to immerse myself in the mindset of the characters.  I don't usually write a script because it tends to be very stiff.  What I do is think of scenarios and various ways in which they can play out in my head.  I like to draw funny things, but I don't know if what I do can even be called comedy. Anyway, I run through these situations over and over almost to the point of obsession until I find one which maximizes the situation to hilarity or absurdity (but do I succeed?).

I then think about what I would like to happen on each page and plan out about two or three pages in advance. I also think about what the characters should say even though I never write down the words. I do the pencils in detail the first time, and these are what I use for my inking. I love using the light box, but to use it during the day I have to close my binds in order for the light to shine through well. Recently it's been getting hotter so I try to restrict my inking to the evenings when it's cooler and there's some wind.

Looking at the way I draw comics, I'm not surprised that I can't draw anything epic. Maybe my pages seem to have poor planning and the transition isn't that well done. Still far far far far away from being any good. Yet! I continue to draw. I guess we can't help ourselves!!!

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12 June 2007

2007 Mr. Ogata & His Fish (preview)

It is quite amazing, but I managed to finish a 11 page comic with pencils and inking in a week and a half. D;  I guess this happens when you haven't drawn any comics in two years or so.  I am joining with a couple of my friends to create a book about Ogata.  I don't usually draw this kind of fan stuff, so I guess this is a sort of rare opportunity for me.

I messed up on drawing his glasses in the final frame.  If I have the time I will go back and reink the frame.

How do you usually draw comics?  What I tend to do is to make pencil sketches and using a light box, ink through that way.  There are people that can do pencils and then do the final without a light box which I think is very amazing.  Using the light box can be tiring because the light is bright, and it can strain my eyes.  The box is also very hot as well.  So often times, the most I can manage to do is ink two pages and take a rest.  Well, I suppose I should take a rest anyway after all that work!

I wish that there was an easier way to do things.  I enjoy my pencils a lot and have found that it's easier to re-do panels if I still have my pencils.  I also do not have to worry about erasing after inking if I had done it directly on the pencils.  

I had some more interesting things to say about this, but now I'm really tired so I guess I might go back and edit this later. :-(

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07 June 2007

2006/10/21 Them Birds

Was inspired by a pin I was given that featured a representation of Escher art that one could wear.

I've been so tired recently.
Finishing up on Ogata comic.  I drew and inked for four days straight.  Have a few mistakes to correct with the inking (which is quite poor), the last page of the comic to pencil and ink along with the freetalk and omake.

Juu who I am working with on creating this book showed me this wonderful comic she drew featuring Ogata and penguins.  She did the first page when we met last year for Ogata day on August 16th(?) and made Ogata buttons with Koyar. I hope this year we will have glorious Ogata day again.

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01 June 2007

2005 / 2006 Dearest Emily

I just realized that I haven't updated in two days!  Oops.  Sorry about that. D;  I've just been working on comics and playing Odin Sphere so I haven't been turing on the computer at all.

Today's update is about Emily, a character I met one day about two or three years ago when I managed to draw a profile of a pretty girl with a mysterious face.  I used this actual sketch when I created the shoujo kurabu screenprint.  I was supposed to give this sketch to my friend Guiseppe as I was drawing it for him to include in a letter.  But I was so captivated that I decided to keep Emily to myself despite dedicating the drawing to him.  I am sorry!  But perhaps someday I will give Emily to you. ha ha

Here is Emily with another fond character named Borgia who is quite odd indeed.  Always doing things that are weird and surprising other people and "scaring" them.  This is Borgia's personality.  But she is quite a compassionate person as well.  Emily at the time was still a delicate girl and often cried thinking about sad and romantic things.  Here she and Borgia are making a Christmas garland.

I don't like this sketch very much, but I'll include it here since I scanned it earlier.  Emily is quite a carefree girl despite her sentimentality and weak constitution.

However, gradually I find that Emily has gotten stronger and stronger.  She is no longer the meek girl I had seen those many years ago, and I find that I can't draw her as such unless it is to show her past.  How odd to think that she can grow.

And an extra. Ogata laughing evilly.

On the comics front, I think that things are going at a decent pace.  I've only done pencils (Ogata 3 pages, Gilles and Sylvie 3 pages) and have not gotten to inking yet.  Losing a bit faith on the Gilles and Sylvie (and Louise) story, but I suppose I should tread on!

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