29 May 2007

2007/05/16 Boogie Woogie Mi

The weather is decent today, so here is a very happy Mi dancing to celebrate the unrainy day.

Trying to get some serious drawing done, but it's not working out.  Easily lose faith in self. OTZ  And Mi's happy dance is not helping. D:

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24 May 2007

2007/05/22 New style? Exciting projects?!

Can you believe it? Starting this sketch journal I actually started to draw more. Even though I still have loads and loads of old stuff scanned in that I have yet to post here, I'm not being too lazy about it and actually drawing new things to post up here.

Anyway, I'm taking tomorrow and the weekend off from posting in this blog to work on actual comics!!! And other more important things!!! So here's two sketches for you.

I'm working on a multi-mini comic featuring Gilles & Sylvie with Louise as well! Yay! D: It will be a deluxe mini with many parts and handbound with a handprint color cover(?) and will cost more to produce than the reasonable selling price, but I'm making it anyway FOR FUN. :D It will be so cool. Maybe I'll just make a run of 50 and after selling it all (HA! As if I could do that! XD;) I'll just put the contents up on the web to show that yes, I still do draw comics from time to time.

Also, starting work on Ogata doujinshi because Ogata is the cool--- I wouldn't call myself otaku or anything, but sometimes it's okay to indulge in these kinds of things once in a while especially when I get to work with the coolest and funniest bunch of people in the making of this book.

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23 May 2007

2005/11/02 Near the cliffs

After quite a while, here is an older sketch from 2005.  It's kind of weird to look at this sketch.  I can't tell you why it's weird but yet...  Anyway, here they are standing near the cliffs over the ocean, enjoying the sunset as the wind rushes by.  They seem so happy.


22 May 2007

2007 Saltine Crackers

Mmmmm, yummmy saltine crackers and 7-Up when you have the flu.  Not that I have the flu right now mind you, but somehow this reminds me of this.  Saltine crackers remind me of sickness.

Poor Gilles having to follow his sister's whim.  Why doesn't he try to cook himself?  He can't really, and Sylvie had declared it her job to buy the groceries and though she holds the cash to do so, she ends up spending it on something else.... to be revealed later!

I had so many plans for these past weeks, but I haven't gotten anything creative done.  It's so sad since once September rolls in, I won't have any time for any of these endeavors. :-(

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21 May 2007

2007/05/16 Good ol' Lou

I'm trying to draw Louise so that she looks like an actual person, but I'm not sure if I'm doing it right or not.

You would be scared too if you saw a rat asking you for some marmalade and biscuits!

After a few attempts, she looks more like a 10 year old than a young teenage girl. (^^;;

Well... she is short and little round after all. Hmm.

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19 May 2007

2007 Sylvie and Gilles and Louise

A test comic I drew a couple of weeks ago featuring Louise and her friend Sylvie who knows exactly how to un-nerve Louise.  Sylvie is evil in that way.  A test comic.  I might take this idea and redraw it someday.  It's kind of terrible though.  Reminds me of the comics I drew in high school.  I suppose not much has changed anyhow.

I am trying to develop Louise in terms of her design so that I might have something more consistent.  Louise doesn't think much of herself, but she fails to realize how cute she really is. Ha ha.  I'll show you some of the sketches I have been developing regarding Louise tomorrow followed the next day by another test comic.

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14 May 2007

2007/04/24 Feeling blue?

I greatly dislike it when people who do not have an artistic sense look at my art while I am drawing it and ask me questions like "Are you feeling sad?" as if my own present emotional state would fit the expression of the person I was drawing on the paper.  I suppose that people do express a part of themselves in whatever it is that they may create, but to put it simply in a word like 'sad' or 'mad' seems to cheapens it and misses the point entirely.  It is really quite possible to draw something without seeing it or feeling it exactly at that moment.  I wish people would understand that.  

But in this instance, I really was meloncholy as well as worried when I drew this and wanted to directly express that current state of my mind.

What kinds of facial expressions do you have when you draw?  In my case, though I do not internalize the emotions that I'm trying to express on paper, sometimes I do make the face I want to draw even if I'm not looking at the mirror when doing so.  Sometimes it helps. (^-^;

Sorry for the ranting!  And also the late update.  This was actually supposed to come up on Monday, but various happenings prevented me from getting the motivation needed to finish the draft I made of this post.  Recently because the weather was so horrid, I haven't really felt like doing much.  I was as depressed as the gray skies outside.  Today is so much nicer, and it makes me want to be outside and do stuff!  

Recently I bought a new digital camera so I might put up photos here too to give the sketch journal a bit of color now and then.


12 May 2007

2006/12/13 Sweet birds and strawberries

Sorry, I have just not been really wanting to update recently.  So tired all the time.  Anyway, here is one of my favorite sketches that I drew last year featuring Gilles and Sylvie again.  Sylvie's outifit was inspired from Jane Marple's designs from the early to mid-1990s especially the blouse which I drew while thinking of a folk blouse the label released a long time ago.  I always envision Sylvie as a very fashionable girl that likes to wear clothes from Jane Marple and MILK as well as vintage and cool outfits.  Gilles usually opt for the more simple black since, unlike Sylvie, he is a less complicated person. (^^;

Can you tell that I like birds a lot?  I often draw them when I don't have anything to draw or run out of ideas.  Looking at birds eat is, well... I find it really funny actually. LOL  Since they seem to work so hard yet can only eat a little bit at a time.  There is a phrase in Vietnamese that goes, "Eating like a bird."

Anyway, I drew this on the day that I first ate Beard Papa cream puffs while on vacance.  They were the best!  I wish I could have some again.  But unfortunately Beard Papa has not come this way yet!  Sylvie and Gilles were originally looking at a "Best till" sticker that came with the cream puff.  You have to eat them the day you buy them or else the cream will go bad so the date on the sticker said 2006/12/13.

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08 May 2007

Sorry for the hiatus!

I was out of town for a couple of days so I didn't have any access to Internet in order to update the blog.  Sorry about that. *_*

Anyway, to make up for it, two sketches today:

I'm not quite sure why he is crying.  Is the bird carrying bad news?  Is it stuck in something and can't get out?

And then.. Mr. Kats continued.  I found my old box of watercolor paints the other day as I was trying to organize the basement and spent yesterday evening painting in the prints I had created.  The color palette is a bit conversative, but oh well.  You can't deny that it looks so much spiffier with color!

(Somehow the colors look so much different from the real thing I have in front of my hands. *_*;  It scans better than the prints by themselves though. D:)

I'm not quite sure what I will do with this print.  I tend to tear the paper so it's close to the size of the plate so it's not really ideal for framing or whatnot.  Maybe they would make nice book plates, but the paper is kind of thick?  Actually, I think book plates might be a nice thing.  Well, I don't know.  Do you have any ideas?

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