28 April 2007

2007 Mr. Kats

Two posts in one day!  This is a work in progress.  It's a linocut that I spent way too much time on.  It's a guy in a cat suit, and I haven't decided what it is that he is doing.  (Reading an eviction notice?  Deciding to finally go and get that cat suit dry cleaned?!) He was a lot angrier before and blushing as well, but I removed those things.  It's a work in progress because I might break out the water colors and go crazy on the prints that I already made.

I also updated the site today!  Finally!  It's a record.  So far it's been two new updates in a year after several years of one or no updates.  Woow-wee.

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2007/04/08 MI ATTACKS!

Mi likes to jump... on people's... heads!!!!  Because it's really fun!  You should try it sometime!  But only if you're a nice and cuddly and cute animal thing.

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26 April 2007

2007/01/17 Boys & Girls

Here is Gilles and his friends.  The guy on the right wants to be Ziggy Stardust.

And Sylvie is looking particularly evil today with Borgia who also looks like she's up to no good (quite typical really...).

I am not quite sure why it is that I quite often create characters that are so full of themselves, arrogant, and vain when I'm quite sure these aren't my own personal qualities.  Very curious indeed!

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25 April 2007

2006/05/31 Princess always cries

Even though she is so young, she must get ready for battle in order to defend her people.  The man on the right brings bad news, but upon seeing her cry tries to shake it off as a joke.

I've been tired recently.


23 April 2007

2007 Failed Twilight (3)

This is going to be a long post so remember to scroll to see everything!

Sylvie isn't very popular at her school, but her twin brother Gilles is.  Here the girl in the glasses tries to get Sylvie to give a birthday party invitation to her brother.  Of course, she isn't very happy about it.  I think in all the pages I drew of this terrible mess, this was the only page in which Sylvie was really Sylvie.

From the outset, Gilles doesn't really look like Gilles at all.  He is somewhat popular or rather well-liked is probably the better word.  He plays the violin or some instrument in the orchestra or something and probably spends a lot of his time after school practicing.  Yeah, this page sucks.

Gilles ask if Sylvie is okay, and she thinks for a minute before telling him that he worries too much.  On the way home they encounter the stray cat that Sylvie likes to feed whenever she sees it.  

She is actually quite friendly with it and likes to hold and pet it.  I suppose it's her only friend in this particular comic.

Well, that's all the pages here.

I think it's truly horrible because this isn't Sylvie and Gilles at all!  Not at all!!!  It's someone else pretending to be like them, or Sylvie and Gilles hired as actors and doing poorly as other characters that don't really fit the kind of people they are.  This was the reason I had to give up.  Sylvie looked too normal and normal-cute.  And Gilles was much too friendly (though he's still the more approachable of the too), and most of all there seemed to be a rift between them.  I think that there still is when they are in the right character, but the most important thing about Sylvie and Gilles was missing from this comic.  That is- the fact that two are basically in their own world- Sylvie more than Gilles, and act and think differently from most normal people.

Anyway, just yesterday I was drawing, and I think I finally have a comic for Gilles and Sylvie.  I had to create a new character, Louise, who introduces herself as, "I'm not very pretty, in fact, I'm a little plump.  And round.  And short."  Louise is incredibly normal, but it's because this that makes a story with Gilles and Sylvie possible in the first place.  So- I think this is what I will be trying to do once I finish my spring cleaning! (Which is extreme, EXTREME spring cleaning).  Maybe I'll post the sketches someday.  I think this story that I have in store has that sort of... well... the feeling is different from my other comics.  Maybe someone can help explain to me how it's different...?

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22 April 2007

2007 Failed Twilight (2)

More character sketches.  I think my favourite part of this silly sketch is the woman who makes that guy eat something asking him, "Yummy?" with him saying "Ye- yeah" but really thinking "NO."  That's really the only reason I scanned this thing in the first place. (^^;

It was supposed to be an awesome comic with a klutzy train conductor, a cat-human, and talking fish that walked on their fins out of the water.

But it failed because the characters failed me.  My drawing skills were not up to the task as well.

Tomorrow's entry will feature the pages I drew for the comic in pencil.  I never got a chance to ink them before I failed.  After I finally get those up, maybe I'll scan some of my other failed comics that I had to drop because of problems with pacing and long-winded story lines that were utterly boring and nonsensical.

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21 April 2007

2007 - Failed Twilight (1)

I decided this week to introduce some sketches I made for a failed attempt at a comic about a month or two ago featuring Gilles and Sylvie.  I scraped the project because I felt I couldn't draw.  But most of all I felt that both Gilles and Sylvie were terribly out of character.  Anyway, here were some character sketches I did.  I have some comic panels I'll put up in the next few days as well.  It was... truly horrible.  I'll try again someday.  I think the problem is that they are both too beautiful.  It's hard to give them much expression.  I could make them evil, but actually, I have a very hard time thinking of evil things much less silly mischief!  I honestly... don't have much experience in that realm.  I suppose I'm not much of a story teller in this respect.

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18 April 2007

2005 - Ma banni

This is the little girl that makes random strangers hold and play with her bunny.  The bunny has had quite enough of it you see.


17 April 2007

2005 Yum yum beet time!

Another one from the sketch book!  I remember that I drew this using these color markers I bought at Barnes & Nobles, one of those large "mega-" bookstores.  Like Chapters it also sold a lot of stationary.  Could you imagine how excited I was to find markers with thin tips that were inexpensive that were not Crayola?!  I love the expression of the guys face in this sketch.  He looks like he thinks it is truly revolting!

I think beets and toast wouldn't be that bad.  It depends on what the toast is and also how you prepare the beets though.  If they were like a cold salad instead of an entire beet boiled whole (LOL), then it might be very good!  Now I just realized that I haven't eaten any beets AT ALL in the past year and  a half (except in that small cup of left over vegetarian borscht I was given this summer).  Well, this won't do at all!  I'll be sure to get some beets in my diet either this week or next.  I love beets!  I can't imagine why I don't eat them more. :-(

It's funny how recently I've been talking about food so much. XD


16 April 2007

2005 Yum! Croquettes!

The other day I was cleaning my desk and the surrounding area, and I found this small Moleskine book I used to draw in from 2005.  There are some nice sketches from the book, so I suppose this will be the focus for this week.  I've said before that I don't own a sketch book, but I suppose that this was the exception. (^^;

Anyway, these kids are getting all excited about croquettes.  I don't eat them usually because they are fried, and fried food makes me really sick.  I did have some potato croquettes once, and they were really good.  Pie and sushi were also on my mind when I drew this.  I guess I was hungry at the time, and I'm getting hungry just thinking about it!  Man, I could sure use some pie.  There was one time that I went to this farm that was somewhat near the sea, and I bought the most wonderful boysenberry pie there.  The crust is excellent and really a crust can make or break a pie.  I can still taste the boysenberry filling, even now!  After remembering this, I think I drew this sketch around the same time that I had bought the pie and shared it with a few friends.  None of them wanted to keep it, so I brought home more than half a pie for my parents.  Ha ha.  Those were the times.


13 April 2007

2006/04/08 Blame

Borgia makes a cameo in this picture!  Poor Jorge is getting yelled at again.  Borgia feels his pain.  However, she is still caught up in the action whereas the guy on the left has more pressing and interesting matters to attend to.  I suppose that I really do like to draw birds a lot. (^^;  I wonder what this bird is eating in the drawing.  It looks like candy but...

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12 April 2007

2006/10/21 It's Winter!

It's snowing!!! Today!!! In April. D:

So, here it is... the "It's Winter!" sketch.  These guys look so excited to go play hockey and wear the mittons and scarf (I almost wrote foulard). (^^;  But... it's not supposed to be winter now right?  And after all the snow had already melted yet somehow it's snowing here.  Do you notice the "Iya da" cat on the bottom there?  It's my character for moments when it's really Iya da.

Does this sketch journal make any sense at all?!  I seriously don't know. D:


10 April 2007

2005/11/17 Oh no...

It was drawn using green ink.   Yummy...  I like to use a lot of plant motifs in my drawings even if I don't get a chance to be out in nature as much as I would like.


08 April 2007

2007/04/08 Linocut Plates

About time we had a post featuring work I'm doing at the moment!  I love the look of linocuts that have been freshly cut and still untouched by any ink.  I can't wait to get these printed.  It is going to be a two color print that will be the cover of the Hanamonogatari translation I did about two or three years ago with Bronny.  If we're all lucky I'll have that done and printed by the end of April!  So excited.  I love making books.  Need to work on the illustrations inside and the layout as well.  Excitement!

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07 April 2007

2006/02/19 Down

She looks so devious.  She may be crouched down from all the weight of her worries and sadness, but she is really planning something.  I originally drew this in red ink!

All of a sudden I'm craving for pineapple.  I think I'll make do with some apple juice instead!

Right now I'm working on a lino-cut, and I hope to be able to finally take a step towards finishing "Roman Shoubu" and the Hanamonogatari translation I had completed with Bronny ages and ages ago.


06 April 2007

2007/01/21 Being Beautiful

The two guys at the top of the drawing are so beautiful that they give off sparkles and stars as they walk down the hall.  I think that the two girls who are so plain are an interesting contrast to the guys who look so stunning.  It is funny how they look so envious! ha ha "Beth, why can't we be beautiful too?" And it's even funnier how the guy on the left knows that he is The Awesome.  How arrogant! XD


05 April 2007

2005/10/10 Dear Emily

Oh!  I am quite terrible!  I just realized that I haven't updated the past week.  To be truthful, I've been under the weather and quite busy as well.  I'm going to keep trying to update on a daily basis.

Anyway, today's drawing was done in 2005.  I really like it though especially the expressions of the three people in the drawing.  I wish I could draw comics that looked as nice as this.  I wonder if I can still draw like this.  Recently the people I draw have smaller and oval shaped eyes.  The style I drew in 2005 seemed to make the people more optimistic and dreamy perhaps?  The words say "Itoshii Emily" or "Dear Emily," but she isn't in this picture.

Recently I participated in this wonderful project called Kissybook, which is a book about kissing.  If you have a time please check out the site and the gallery.  I never drew kissing before so it was an interesting challenge.  I think you might be able to recognize which two submissions were mine.  I had so much fun drawing them!  They only took me a few hours to complete.  I think it's just because I haven't drawn in so long that it just poured out.  I'll put up the version I made for myself on the saicoink website when I have the time.

If you read this blog please make a comment sometime!  It can get lonely out here. (^^;

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