25 March 2007

2007/02/14 Georgie likes animals

Georgie tries to impress the girls by showing them that he can play with cute animals, but Milly is far from impressed especially when both are being stuck in a small corner.  Poor Georgie.

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24 March 2007

2006/10/30 & 11/07 Introducing Mi

This is Mi, a character I had created.  I thought Mi is a dolphin but it seems more like a "bird fish" at times.  I don't know.  It's a weird animal thing... that doesn't like water and speaks Vietnamese and is yellow and very small.  It used to be Mi the Yellow Dolphin, but now I'm not too sure.  To translate the Vietnamese: "Mi an nhieu qua" = "Mi ate too much."  "Mi chon" = "Mi is hiding."

I draw a lot of comics about Mi but none are good enough to show you.  But here was one I had drawn in my journal anyway:

In the last row Mi says, "Om Mi," which means "Hug Mi."  Then Mi says "Mi vui," meaning Mi is saying it is happy.  You will see Mi appear in many of my other sketches from here on so I had decided to introduce Mi now.  I draw Mi a lot when I am stressed.  Sometimes there are entire pages that are nothing but Mi.  Mi is a special and unique creation.  I don't want to see anyone take this away. (*_*;  So I say now: Mi (c).  XD;

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22 March 2007


This is the first appearance of Gilles and Sylvie. I had met them the night before. They were sitting in an airport waiting to board an airplane with their parents. They sat together near the large windows typical to airports, but they both were looking straight ahead, their eyes burning.

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21 March 2007

2005/10/02 The Birds Love Josh

Josh looks lonely, but he really isn't.


2006/10/11 Renato Zero

Do you all know Renato Zero?  Because I like Hong Kong Counterfeit I came to know many Italodisco artists including Wish Key and Amanda Lear.  I don't know if Renato Zero is considered Italodisco or not, but he became popular in the 1970s for his disco-esque songs in Italy.  Today he is still singing, and I think he is a very famous personality over there!

Rather than being a 'fanart' of the singer, this sketch is more inspired by Renato Zero's stage custom and performance in the 1970s. If you can't tell, it is a man in the sketch. He seems entrance by his own reflection in the mirror.

You can see many of Renato Zero's clips on Youtube.  Here are some from the 1970s that I liked:
Renato Zero - Depresso:
A riveting song! Even in black and white he is fabulous! I think he started his more 'glam' stage in 1977, and this seems before he seriously got all glammed out.
Renato Zero - Mi Vendo and Sospetto:
He was so thin! If I sat in the audience in the first row I would had been worried that he might step on me. At the end of the clip is a short snippet of Sospetto in which our dear friend Renato attempts to become a porcupine.
 Renato Zero - Il Triangolo:
His costume...  This song is awesome!  Very epic!  I'm not quite sure what he is doing wearing those triangles....  But, don't worry kids, it was only the late 1970s so everyone else was doing it too, and Renato doesn't dress like this anymore.  This here is an example of "ultimate fabulous."

I suggest checking out Amanda Lear's New York and Wish Key's Orient Express as well if you enjoyed this (or even if you didn't; Wish Key is excellent).

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20 March 2007

Happy New Journal!

This was the first page from the first journal of the new year.  I originally bought the journal in Montreal at a shop that only sold Japanese paper.  A friend of the family works there.  At first when she told me about it I couldn't believe that such a shop could exist.  But it does!  It is called Au Papier Japonais.  It is a quaint little shop that makes people like me think about opening my own shop selling the things I love.

This journal is partly to allow me a place to post the sketches I do in my paper journal.  I don't own a sketchbook (I don't like them very much), but I often draw silly pictures in my journals.  I don't produce beautiful or decent drawings everyday, but I have a good backlog of journals from the last two years so I'll put those pictures up as well when I have the time.  Many of these are kind of boring because I tend to draw a lot of the upper body and focus on the expression of the face.  I'm really not much of an artist, but I hope that this journal may lead me to try and make more comics and artwork in the near future.

The two people on the right are twins Sylvie and Gilles.  The girl on the left is Emily.  These people are my special characters, and they will appear on this journal again and again.  I want to draw a comic using these characters, but I always feel so apphrehensive about my own work so I don't...  Maybe someday or not.



Since I do not update the site enough, I decided to open a web journal which I will update from time to time.  This will allow me to keep the site much more active (I hope).  Recently I do not have the time to work on concrete artworks anymore so this is a way for me to upload random sketches and other stuff.  

I am still trying to get the hang of the Blogger system.  I am hoping that I will be able to customize the layout someday...