05 April 2007

2005/10/10 Dear Emily

Oh!  I am quite terrible!  I just realized that I haven't updated the past week.  To be truthful, I've been under the weather and quite busy as well.  I'm going to keep trying to update on a daily basis.

Anyway, today's drawing was done in 2005.  I really like it though especially the expressions of the three people in the drawing.  I wish I could draw comics that looked as nice as this.  I wonder if I can still draw like this.  Recently the people I draw have smaller and oval shaped eyes.  The style I drew in 2005 seemed to make the people more optimistic and dreamy perhaps?  The words say "Itoshii Emily" or "Dear Emily," but she isn't in this picture.

Recently I participated in this wonderful project called Kissybook, which is a book about kissing.  If you have a time please check out the site and the gallery.  I never drew kissing before so it was an interesting challenge.  I think you might be able to recognize which two submissions were mine.  I had so much fun drawing them!  They only took me a few hours to complete.  I think it's just because I haven't drawn in so long that it just poured out.  I'll put up the version I made for myself on the saicoink website when I have the time.

If you read this blog please make a comment sometime!  It can get lonely out here. (^^;

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