2005 - "Shoujo Kurabu" screenprint

The title of this piece is 'Shoujo kurabu' named after the old Japanese magazine for girl's of the same name. The magazine was published by Noma Seiji, who would later go on to form Kodansha, one of the largest publishing companies in Japan today. Noma apparently had the philosophy of presenting the material in his magazines to be "one step behind the times."

This print was a screenprint that I had originally created on the computer. I printed the image on various wooden boxes. The one shown here was the only one which came out perfectly out of the three that I tried to make. The character featured in this print is "Emily" who appears often in my work. The sketch I made in which Emily first emerged was used in this collage which utilized various elements found from old Japanese magazines and advertisements and reinterpreted into a new work.

If you open the box inside you can find the same screenprint on these paper cutouts. From the time of the first girls' magazines to shoujo manga magazines today, paper goods, or furoku were often included. These includes things from posters, paper games, boxes, and extra "mini-magazines." These cards were inspired by these magazine extras. I printed a lot more than three, perhaps around 7? But somehow I have lost track of them. Some people took mine without compensation. Some I gave freely to others. This is an unlimited number print so in the future once I am able to set up a screenprinting studio again I hope to make more of these and distribute them in my own created magazine.

These are the screenprinted cards. The one of the right is missing the last color layer. It has a different feeling to it don't you think? There were four colors together. I'm really amazed that I was able to position the paper correctly for all four color processes since I am so bad with those kinds of things.