Open Spaces and Closed Places #3

Release: April 2009
Sypnosis: This issue reveals Oscar's day to day life, following him throughout a typical school day as he tries to avoid responsibilities as student council president as well as classes at school all the while trying to look out for Jirou. Jirou's actions from earlier catches up with him and he gets in real trouble! And Vivien eats all of Oscar's sandwiches and makes fun of him throughout the entire issue.

The limited edition cover is screenprinted and is a tribute to Suehiro Maruo. You can read more about the cover here. This issue is 88 pages in total and also features guest art from Artemis, Koyar, Tarou Chase, and Bitterbrownieprince. You can order the book at the order page.

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All of the books are handbound by me using perfect binding and come with a colour insert and blue end papers. Here you can see a comparison of the screenprinted cover with the regular cardstock covers which come in three different colour combinations!